The Regime Soundtrack 2024
The Regime Soundtrack 2024

The Regime Soundtrack: The Regime is HBO’s new upcoming musical miniseries. The film stars Kate Winslet, Martha Plimpton, Andrea Riseborough, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Hugh Grant.

Will Tracy is the series’s writer, executive producer, and showrunner, with Stephen Frears and Jessica Hobbs directing and producing the episodes. Kate Winslet, Frank Rich, and Tracy Seward are also executive producers.

Genre: Drama

Release date: March 3, 2024 (United States)

Official Synopsis: An authoritarian regime is about to unravel. Follows a story of one year within the walls of its palace.

Who Composed the Regime Soundtrack

  • Jean-Pascal Beintus: Jean-Pascal Bentis composed the song for Regime, which originated in Toulon. He studied double bass and piano at the conservatories of Nice, Lyon, and Paris during the 1980s.

The Regime Soundtrack List

Here is the The Regime Soundtrack List:

Episode 1

  • If You Leave Me Now – Chicago: This song is part of the album Chicago X by the artist Chicago, released in 1976. The genre of the song includes Soft rock and rock.

Episode 2

  • Episode 2 release on March 10th; waiting for the episode’s release

In the meantime, you can also find a combined soundtrack for the TV Series Soundtrack. You can visit again to see the latest updates.

Trailer Song

  • Little Intrigues: Sparse Rhythm Mix: This song was released in 2021, and the music category is Comedy, Orchestra, Trailer/Promo

Official Trailer: Here you check out the trailer of the film The Regime Soundtrack

It will be available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

The Regime | Official Teaser Trailer | Max

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