The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack (2023)
The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack (2023)

The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack: The Last Repair Shop is an acclaimed documentary short directed by Kris Bowers and Ben Proudfoot. The Last Repair Shop premiered on 08 November 2023.

It presents the stories of four fearless heroes who want all students to enjoy music. It shows how music can be the best medicine, anxiety reliever, and even an escape from poverty.

Who composed The Last Repair Shop?

The original music is composed by Kayla Richardson and Kris Bowers. “Katya Richardson” is a compelling young artist. She is best known for her looping vocals and enticing mix of genres.

“Kristopher Bowers” is an American composer as well as a pianist. Kris Bowers is known for Green Book (2018), King Richard (2021), and Bridgerton (2020).

The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of The Last Repair Shop soundtracks. You can listen on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other various platforms.

  • The Last Repair Shop (2:06)
  • Dana: Strings – Katya Richardson (0:38)
  • It’s Hard Being a Kid – Katya Richardson (0:40)
  • I Thought I Was Broken (1:13)
  • Practice Makes Perfect (0:38)
  • I’m Still Here (0:48)
  • Paty: Brass – Katya Richardson (0:59)
  • My Story (1:13)
  • American Dream (0:57)
  • My Son (0:51)
  • The Test (1:54)
  • All These Years (1:29)
  • Duane: Woodwinds (0:56)
  • Frankenstein – Katya Richardson (0:31)
  • Swap Meet – Katya Richardson (1:04)
  • Dream a Little – Katya Richardson (0:36)
  • Steve: Pianos (2:13)
  • Baku, 1987 (1:46)
  • We Left Everything (1:26)
  • See How Life Is? (2:02)
  • I Love the Violin – Katya Richardson (2:02)
  • The Alumni – Kris Bowers (3:45)
THE LAST REPAIR SHOP - Official Trailer
The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack (2023)

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