The Curse Soundtrack (1)
The Curse Soundtrack (1)

The Curse Soundtrack: John Medeski’s New Declare The Curse (Music from the Showtime Original Series) will be out on November 17th through Milan Records. There’s a full 52 soundtrack to the new show from Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder.

The series, starring Fielder and Emma Stone, was executive produced by regular Syfy collaborator Daniel Lopatin.

The series investigates “how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their problematic new HGTV show, Flipanthropy.”

The Curse Soundtrack

The Curse is a new American unconventional black television comedy series developed and written by Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie.

Who Composed The Curse Soundtrack?

John Medeski: Anthony John Medeski is famous as an American jazz keyboard player, best known as a member of Medeski Martin & Wood.

The Curse Original Soundtrack

Opening Song: The opening song of this soundtrack includes “Fake Trayer”. The new release includes the opening track and leads single “Fake Tears”.

Here is the complete list of The Curse Soundtrack:

  • Fake Tears (From “The Curse” Soundtrack)
  • Bad Interview
  • Asher Approaches
  • Tiny
  • Tomato Pee Pee
  • Shelter
  • Lies
  • Pregnant
  • Parking Lot
  • Casino
  • Nefarious Light
  • The Curse
  • Happy News
  • Dougie Walks
  • Subterfuge
  • Stealing Files
  • Smoke House
  • Performance Art
  • Art Talk
  • Ultrasound
  • Classroom
  • Back Door
  • About a House
  • Dougie Digs
  • Whitney Walks
  • Scorpion
  • Steal the Stove
  • Ashram
  • She’s a Lot
  • Pretend Buyers
  • Utopian World
  • Green Queen
  • Security Footage
  • Delivery
  • Neck Crack
  • Bone Dread
  • Nala Struggles
  • Whitney’s Statue
  • Asher Makeup
  • Whitney and Cara
  • Fernando
  • On Camera
  • Talking Shit
  • Whitney Cries
  • Asher Jeans
  • Apartment Complex
  • Whitney Cries Again
  • House Reveal
  • Asher’s Dilemma
  • Floating Hands
  • We Do This All the Time
  • The End

About the series: The series is about a team of would-be TV stars who are trying out a pilot and drama for a cable network real estate series about a house they are building. The gimmick home also known as Disable is designed to be off-the-shelf, energy-efficient, and attractively designed inside and out.

The soundtrack of The Curse is composed by various artists including John Medeski. You can find more info about the soundtrack on Apple Music.

Official Trailer

The Curse Official Trailer | SHOWTIME
The Curse Soundtrack

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