The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack
The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack

The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack: Netflix is ​​adding some great animated movies for its fans, such as a new upcoming animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series The Loud House and its spin-off series The Casagrande.

The film is directed by Miguel Puga, who has previously worked on films including The Casagrandes (2019) and The Loud House (2014) and is currently working on The Casagrandes Movie (2024).

The film stars Izabela Alvarez as a voice artist, Sumalee Montano as Maria (voice), and Carlos PenaVega as Bobby Santiago (singer).

Netflix The Casagrandes Movie
Netflix The Casagrandes Movie Credit: HipLatina

In this article, we have gathered as much information as possible that gets us closer to the soundtrack.

However, there were times when the soundtrack was not released before the film’s release. We will update this article to give you complete information about the soundtrack.

Who Composed The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack?

Marcelo Treviño: Marcelo Trevino is a Mexican and Canadian-based composer who previously worked on The Last Kids on Earth in 2019, Series: Genesis in 2010, and La Lectora in 2012.

Composer of The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack
Composer of The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack Credit: LinkedIn

The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack List

Wanjopathiaw Rytathiang: This song is part of the trailer. You can watch it on YouTube.

New Khasi Song - 'Dalade Ïalade' | Official Gospel Music Video | Meda Ryntathiang

Official Trailer:

Here is the film’s trailer, where you can glimpse the film and its characters.

The Casagrandes Movie (2024) Trailer | Netflix | First Look | Teaser Trailer | Netflix Original
The Casagrandes Movie Soundtrack

According to IMDb, what is the story of The Casagrandes Movie? After a surprise family trip to Mexico derails Ronnie Anne’s birthday plans, she is determined to prove she’s old enough to do her own thing—even if it means confronting an ancient preteen demigod whose angst has apocalyptic potential.

The film’s release date has changed. It was planned to be released on April 4, 2023, but news came on November 17, 2023 that little more work would be done on the production.

You can enjoy it on various platforms such as Amazon MusicSpotifyApple Music, and YouTube, so watch it if you’re a fan of the show’s music.

After that, it was revealed that it would be released by 2024, and Netflix officially released it. The film is expected to be released on 22 March 2024.

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