The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack
The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack Credit: Youtube

The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack: The new American computer-based animated comedy web series is created by YouTube animator and musician Gooseworks, produced by Glitch Productions, and developed by Screen Australia for Glitch. It is the fifth animated series from Glitch Productions.

The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack

According to the official website, the Synopsis of the series is A woman gets trapped in a crazy virtual world along with five other humans and is now subject to the whims of wacky AI and their own personal traumas.

Who is the Composer of The Amazing Digital Soundtrack?

  • Evan Alderete: He is a composer of many different classics of media such as film, animation, and video games, specializing in orchestral soundtracks.
  • Gooseworx

Original Soundtrack of The Amazing Digital Circus

Most of the songs are composed by Ivan Alderete and some of them by Gooseworks:

  • Welcome to the Show by Evan Alderete
  • Get Isekai’d! by
  • All of it
  • Today’s adventure
  • Useless Bilvots
  • Conversation Piece
  • Kaufmo the claw
  • Gone Mad
  • Wrong Doors
  • Worn Mom
  • Enter Exist
  • Going Nowhere
  • Dinner for two
  • Sorry About That
  • Your New Home
  • Digital Days

Theme Song of The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack

“Amazing Digital Circus Main Theme” is the series’ opening theme composed by Liz Robinette.

About the Series

  • Pomni as Voiced by Lizzie Freeman
  • Ragatha as Voiced by Amanda Hufford
  • Jax as Voiced by Michael Kovach

Original Soundtrack of The Amazing Digital Circus

The original The Amazing Digital Circus is available soon to play on Amazon Music and Apple Music, till then enjoy some of your favorite songs from the other series, and if you also want to check for the additional soundtrack songs, check them out on Spotify.

Additionally, the series is streaming on the YouTube platform, garnering over 100 million views in a month, making Hazbin Hotel the most-watched independent animation pilot on YouTube.

The Amazing Digital Circus

Here you can check the complete video of this series:

The Amazing Digital Circus Soundtrack

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