SZA and Justin Intimate Moments
SZA and Justin Intimate Moments

SZA’s captivating new romantic music video for the song “Snooze” has brought an extra layer of visual allure to the track. Her second studio album, “SOS,” is gaining a lot of attention, with popular songs like “Kill Bill” making waves on TikTok.

With the release of the video for the eighth track, “Snooze,” fans are in for a surprise beyond the romantic feel of the song. The music world is buzzing as unexpected celebrity appearances add excitement to the mix.

Unexpected Cameos Steal the Spotlight:

In an unexpected twist, SZA‘s music video for “Snooze” features a lineup of celebrity cameos that have caught fans off guard. The video takes viewers on an intimate journey, showcasing scenes of SZA engaging in various activities with renowned figures like Justin Bieber, Woody McClain, Young Mazino, and super-producer Benny Blanco. The presence of Justin Bieber, who collaborated on an extended remix of the song, adds an extra layer of excitement to the video.

SZA - Snooze (Official Video)

A Closer Look at SZA’s Success

“Snooze” is a testament to SZA’s growing success, with her album “SOS” gaining traction worldwide. The release of the “Snooze 4-track bundle” has only added to the anticipation, offering fans an accelerated version of the original song. The artist’s remarkable achievement continues with “Snooze” marking her fourth No. 1 hit, following the success of “Kill Bill,” “I Hate,” and “Shirt.”

Anticipation for Extended Edition

Fans of SZA can look forward to an extended edition of “SOS,” set to include 10 additional tracks. The album’s accomplishments speak volumes, having achieved a double-platinum certification from the RIAA and amassing over 700 million streams globally. The success of “Snooze” continues to solidify SZA’s position as a rising star in the music industry.


SZA’s latest romantic music video for the song “Snooze” has captured the hearts of fans, elevating the track with its sensual visuals. Her second studio album, “SOS,” is enjoying well-deserved recognition, highlighted by hits like “Kill Bill” that have taken TikTok by storm.

With the unveiling of the music video for the eighth track, “Snooze,” fans not only bask in the expected romantic ambiance but also revel in the unexpected thrill of celebrity cameos. Among these surprises is none other than Justin Bieber, adding an extra layer of intrigue that has set the music world abuzz.

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