Supersex Soundtrack 2024
Supersex Soundtrack 2024

Supersex Soundtrack 2024: Here’s the new series added by Netflix; Supersex is a biographical series based on drama and history inspired by the real life of global porn star Rocco Siffredi, which will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and arrive on the streamer on March 6.

The voiceover in the teaser says the interview as fans and paparazzi are bombarding Siffredi: “Every power is an enigma.

Supersex Credit: OTTPlay

It can give you light or throw you into darkness. But every existence lived to its fullest always has a price to pay,”

What is the storyline of the film? Siffredi’s family, his origins, his relationship, and the context that led him to embark on his path in pornography and accept that the demon in his body is compatible with love. (From IMDb)

Some images of the series as an initial Netflix series in 2023, followed by an official teaser, were released on January 15 with the trailer song “Stripped” by Depeche Mode.

Release Date: The series is going to be released on March 6, 2024 (United States)

Genres: Biography, Drama, History

Who Composed Supersex Soundtrack 2024

Ralf Hildenbeutel: Ralf Hildenbüttel is one of the famous gem-based German composers and producer.

Composer of Supersex Soundtrack 2024
Composer of Supersex Soundtrack 2024 Credit: Amazona

Supersex Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of Supersex Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, and other platforms.

  • Rocco Siffredi is Born (10, 9, 8, …) (2:31)
  • Rocco’s Ressurection (2:36)
  • Carmela – Suite (2:39)
  • We Don’t Look Back (2:03)
  • Brotherlove (1:54)
  • When it Should Feel Right (But Doesn’t) (2:22)
  • Club 106 (2:30)
  • Forbidden Games (1:20)
  • Young Rocco (1:00)
  • Rocco Discovers the Magazine (0:59)
  • Pigalle (2:26)
  • Those Years in Ortona – Suite (1:38)
  • 1994 – Cannes (2:31)
  • Diva Futura (1:47)
  • I’m Done with Porn (0:53)
  • Rocca and Lucia (1:27)
  • Tommaso (1:11)
  • Clashing Again (2:30)
  • Soft Porn Shoot (1:53)
  • This Tender Moment (1:33)
  • The Moana Show (2:10)
  • Tina (1:51)
  • Making Love With Tina (3:14)
  • Mothers and Her Fights (1:41)
  • The 80s (2:18)
  • Broken Love (1:33)
  • Sylvie’s Audition (Variations Over a Piano Theme) (4:42)
  • Rocco and Gabriele (2:42)

Supersex premiered at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival and was released on Netflix on 6 March 2024. Musix lovers can enjoy these songs on various platforms, like Spotify.

The film’s main stars are Borghi and Siffredi. The show stars Jasmine Trinca (“Honey”), who plays Lucia, a fictional female character.

Trailer Song of Supersex

  • “Stripped” by Depeche Mode: The song was composed by the artist Depeche Mode and is part of the track Black Celebration, released in 1986. Song genres include alternative/indie, pop, and rock.

The lyrics of the song are:

Come with me into the trees
We’ll lay on the grass and let the hours pass
Take my hand, come back to the land
Let’s get away, just for one day
Let me see, you stripped
Down to the bone
Let me see, you stripped
Down to the bone
Metropolis has nothing on this
You’re breathing in fumes; I taste when we kiss
Take my hand, come back to the land
Where everything’s ours for a few hours

Official Trailer: You can also watch the trailer of Supersex, where you can glimpse the series and its characters.

Supersex | Official Trailer | Netflix
Supersex Soundtrack 2024

The series is produced by Lorenzo Meili, part of the Banijay Group, and is based on actual and fictional aspects of the life of the Italian porn star, played by Italian A-lister Alessandro Borghi.

You can also check out our previous post for Netflix Soundtracks. Our main aim is to provide the perfect supersex soundtrack. You can enjoy other soundtracks if the soundtrack is on the way; also, stay tuned to us for more updates.

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