Such Brave Girls Soundtrack
Such Brave Girls Soundtrack

Such Brave Girls is a sitcom about a dysfunctional single-parent family. Directed by Simon Bird and Marco Alessi and was produced by A24 with Various Artists Ltd.

Such Brave Girls depicts the dysfunctional family sitcom sisters Josie, Billie, and their single mother Deb, guiding life with poor judgment and self-esteem exclusively tied to people who couldn’t care less about them.

Who composed the Such Brave Girls Soundtrack?

Matthew Simpson composed the music for Such Brave Girls. He has composed many films and TV series, such as We Are Your Friends (2015), Skins (2007), and Uncle (2012).

Such Brave Girls Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of Such Brave Girls Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

Episode: 1

  • Sound Of The Underground is a song by Girls Aloud. The song is part of the album Sound of the Underground, which was released on 23 May 2003.
  • Laissez Faire (Main) is a song by Michel Lepop. The song is part of the album Electronic.

Episode: 2

  • Laissez Faire (Main) – Michel Lepop
  • Desadatado – Alex whipydy
  • Tell Me How It Feels – Skint

Episode: 3

  • Laissez Faire (Main) – Michel Lepop

Episode: 4

  • Intro song.
  • Chequered Love is a song by Kim Wilde. The song is part of the album Kim Wilde [Expanded & Remastered], released on 15 June 1981.

Episode: 5

  • Laissez Faire (Main) – Michel Lepop
  • This Way Forever – Toys

Episode: 6

  • Laissez Faire (Main) – Michel Lepop

Music Lovers can enjoy the Such Brave Girls Soundtracks on various platforms like Spotify and YouTube (External Link: Such Brave Girls)

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