Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack
Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack

Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack: Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter 6 was launched on June 2, 2023, and has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who consider Street Fighter 6 as one of the best games in the series.

This game is also getting more popular because of its soundtrack, which strikes a balance between modernizing the series and paying homage to its legacy. The soundtrack includes hip-hop songs that are well-suited to the game’s fresh Western art style. The producer of the series Shuhei Matsumoto

Shuhei Matsumoto, the producer, gives respect to the team of original Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2 while daring to tackle new challenges.

Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack

Street Fighter 6′ s lead composer Yoshiya Terayama revealed that the musical score draws inspiration from the diverse fighters’ international backgrounds. Each character’s music is thoughtfully crafted to incorporate the cultural essence and art of their respective countries, offering players a unique experience as if they were witnessing these characters on real-life streets.

Street Fighter 6 OST - Not On The Sidelines - Full Extended Version
Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack
  • Not On The Sidelines – Street Fighter 6 Main Theme
  • Taking Aim – Luke’s Theme
  • Battle Hub -Main Menu
  • Fighting Grounds -Main Menu
  • Viator – Ryu’s Theme
  • Not A Little Girl – Chun-Li’s Theme
  • Mr. Top Player – Jamie’s Theme
  • Sharpened Sonic – Guile’s Theme
  • Ninjastar Pop – Kimberly’s Theme
  • ÅrachniD – Juri’s Theme
  • Spirit of the Flame – Ken’s Theme
  • The Great Sunlight – Dhalsim’s Theme
  • Kumadori – E. Honda’s Theme
  • Pankration – Marisa’s Theme
  • Walk With Grace – Manon’s Theme
  • All Right! – Dee Jay’s Theme
  • The Plunderer – JP’s Theme
  • R.E.D. – Zangief’s Theme
  • Diosa Del Sol – Lily’s Theme
  • OverTrip – Cammy’s Theme
  • The Turbulent Wind – Rashid’s Theme
  • Poisonous Passion – A.K.I.’s Theme
  • World Tour – Main Menu
  • Avatar Creator
  • Metro City Downtown – Stage Battle
  • Genbu Temple – Stage Battle
  • Carrier Byron Taylor – Stage Battle
  • Tian Hong Yuan – Stage Battle
  • The Macho Ring – Stage Battle
  • Training Room – Stage Battle
  • Battle Hub – Main Menu
  • Battle Hub – Menu
  • Battle Hub – Lobby Theme
  • Battle Hub – Goods Store
  • Game Center – High Score Results Theme
  • Bushin NinjaStar Cypher – Kimberly’s Super Art (Instrumental Ver.)
  • Bushin NinjaStar Cypher – Kimberly’s Super Art (Vocals Ver.)
  • Fighting Ground – Main Menu
  • Down & Out – Extreme BattleBack & Forth – Extreme BattleRules & Regulations – Extreme Battle
  • Smash & Grab – Extreme Battle
  • Normal Battle – Extreme Battle
  • Result – Short Remix 0:46
  • Heaven & Hell – Extreme Battle
  • Battle Hub – Stage Battle
  • World Tour – MenuFighting Ground – Menu
  • Fighting Ground – Menu Composure Remix
  • Fighting Ground – Menu – Burning Remix
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Variation A
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Variation B
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Variation C
  • Gallery
  • Avatar Customization
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Win
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Lose
  • Battle Hub Tournament – Victory
  • Reinvent the Game – Variation A
  • Reinvent the Game – Variation B
  • Reinvent the Game – Variation C
  • All Over The World
  • Not On The Sidelines – Street Fighter 6 Main Theme (Short Ver.)
  • Not On The Sidelines – Street Fighter 6 Main Theme (Full Ver.)
  • Not On The Sidelines – Street Fighter 6 Main Theme (Instrumental Ver.)
  • TMNT Theme Song Arranged by CAP-JAMS feat. Luke
Not On The Sidelines – Street Fighter 6 Main ThemeRocco 808 and Randy Marx
Taking Aim – Luke’s ThemeCapcom Sound Team
Battle Hub -Main MenuCapcom Sound Team
Fighting Grounds -Main MenuCapcom Sound Team
Fighting Ground (Hub Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Stage SelectRandy Marx and Yoshiya Terayama
Character Select Randy Marx and Yoshiya Terayama
Taking Aim (Luke’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
TeamViator (Ryu’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Mr. Top Player (Jamie’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Not A Little Girl (Chun Li’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Ninjastar Pop (Kimberley’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
ArachniD (Juri’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Sharpened Sonic (Guile’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Spirit of the Flame (Ken’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Pankration (Marisa’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
R.E.D. (Zangief’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Diosa Del Sol (Lily’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
Zilra Zilra (Blanka’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Walk With Grace (Manon’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
OverTrip (Cammy’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
All Right! (Dee Jay’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
The Great Sunlight (Dhalsim’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Kumadori (E. Honda’s Theme)Capcom Sound Team
The Plunderer (JP’s Theme) Capcom Sound Team
Result Capcom Sound Team
Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack
『ストリートファイター6』 オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Street Fighter 6 Soundtrack

Fortunately for fans, Capcom usually uploads their game soundtracks to popular music streaming platforms like Spotify. This means players can easily enjoy the extensive Street Fighter 6 soundtrack even when they’re not actively playing the game.

There are many more songs from Street Fighter 6 available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms, just like the previous game’s soundtrack.

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