Stormzy and Calvin Harris Set to Join Forces for Exciting Collaboration
Stormzy and Calvin Harris Set to Join Forces for Exciting Collaboration

Calvin Harris agrees to collaborate with Stormzy.

They are now planning to hit the recording studio together when he visited the party island with friends last month as part of her 30th birthday celebrations in Ushuaia, Ibiza.

MN told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Stormzy’s admired Calvin for a long time. Both are huge fans of the dance capital, with his previously holding his #MerkyFestival at Ibiza Rocks. He has been surprising everyone by dropping songs on almost a weekly basis.

“But so far, he hasn’t made it to the top spot with his collaborators. Ibiza is the perfect setting to let their creative juices come together. They’ll work on a project next time he’s there.”

The follow-up to their recently teased November album “This Is What I Mean” will be released “soon” according to producer, PRGRSHN, the news comes just weeks after Stormzy.

He was quoted by the Daily Star newspaper‘s Wired queue as stating: “We’re always trying to stay creative and make new music.

“You might see him sooner rather than later, I’m not sure.”

The producer confessed that Stormzy must be “inspired” to produce.

He added: “Ultimately he’s an artist that has to be inspired so once he’s inspired there will be new music for sure.”

Earlier this year it was claimed that Stormzy were at their “strongest and most creative” to date.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre that: “Stormzy isn’t resting on his laurels and has been writing and recording new songs already.

“Artistically he seems to be the strongest and most creative he has ever been.

“He has been doing some stuff at Qube studios in London.

“He registered a new track on a songwriting database earlier this month.

“The track is called ‘Fire’ and it’s been pegged as a potential hit.”

And, it is believed that Stormzy could release another album this year.

The insider added: “Those around Him think the song could spawn another album.

“It is really empowering and moving – and is very much in the vein of ‘This Is What I Mean’.

“His label is really excited about what they are hearing and no one should be surprised if he strikes while the iron is hot and releases new music this year.

“It is a hugely exciting time for him.”

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