Still up Soundtrack
Still up Soundtrack

Still Up is a British comedy television series created by Steve Burge and Natalie Walter and starring Antonia Thomas and Craig Roberts. It premiered on Apple TV+ on September 22, 2023.

Still up Soundtrack

Still Up follows the tumultuous late-night relationship of free-spirited painter Lisa (Antonia Thomas) and socially concerned journalist Danny (Craig Roberts). Lisa and Danny are both insomniacs and while the world sleeps they stay connected and talk for hours, even though they have never met.

Additional Film Song of Still Up soundtrack

Season: 1

Episode 1 Songs – ‘The Pharmacy’ S01E01

  • I Guess I Should Go To Sleep – Jack White: “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep” is a song by Jack White from his debut solo album “Blunderbuss”, released in 2012. The song is a waltz-time shanty sing-along, with White singing heartbreak as the new soloist. The song’s protagonist adjusts to his new situation

Episode 2: ‘The Dress’ S01E02

  • For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield: “For What It’s Worth” is a song by Buffalo Springfield that calls for peace during a period of unrest. The song was written by Stephen Stills, inspired by the 1966 Sunset Strip curfew riots in Los Angeles when police clashed with youths protesting the closing of a nightclub. The song expresses a humble observer’s view of a situation that he admits he does not understand.

Episode 3: ‘The Date’ (S01E03)

  • The Little White Door – Scarlet Tanager: “The Little White Door” is a song by Scarlet Tanager from the album “American Songbird” which was released in 2012. The song is a slow and soulful poem featuring Suzanne Logsdon’s soulful vocals and a sad piano melody.
  • Homage – Mild High Club: “Homage” is a song by Mild High Club from their album “Skiptracing” which was released in 2016. The song is about how much, if not all, of the band’s music is inspired by those before them. The song is a way of paying tribute to the people who inspired him.

More songs are listed below:

  • People Everywhere – Khruangbin
  • Freaks Like Us – Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer
  • I’m Coming Home – Marc Robillard

Episode 5: ‘Veggie Veggie Bing Bong’ (S01E05)

  • Two Steps From Hell – Eria: “Eria” is a song by Two Steps from Hell from their album “Miracles”, released in 2014. The song is a slow and emotional piece featuring ghostly vocals and a somber piano melody.
  • Total Eclipsе Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a song by Bonnie Tyler released in 1983. The song was written by Jim Steinman and appears on Tyler’s album “Faster Than the Speed ​​of Night”. The song is generally considered to be about love and longing.
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Still up Soundtrack Still up Soundtrack

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