Mommy's Melody Sophie Ellis Bextor Delights Her Children with Catchy New Single
Mommy's Melody Sophie Ellis Bextor Delights Her Children with Catchy New Single

Sophie Ellis, a 44-year-old pop star, is married to Richard Jones and has a total of four children. Her kids’ names are Sonny (19), Kit Jones (16), Ray Jones (9), Jesse (7), and Mickey Jones (4).

In an interview, he expressed that recording ‘As Long As I Belong’ was a truly special experience. This song will be featured as the theme for the upcoming adaptation of Judith Kerr’s ‘Mog’s Christmas‘ by Channel 4 and Universal Pictures, set to release later this year.

Sophie Ellis said: “When I told my kids I’d been asked to sing Mog’s song, they couldn’t really believe it because Mog has been part of our world since my eldest was small, and he’s 20 next year. It feels really special.”

Sophie Ellis is a big fan of Glastonbury and has attended the event multiple times, not just when she’s performing. She often goes with her husband, Richard Jones, as it conveniently falls on their anniversary weekend.

‘It does this weekend as well,’ she reveals. ‘It’s on Sunday, the day we play.’ Sophie Ellis continued.

Normally, the pair would rent a teepee for the weekend, but with Sophie Ellis only playing on Sunday and her schedule already packed, they only have the day itself.

For the project, the ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ hitmaker has collaborated with writer Don Black, who is known for his work with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and composer David Arnold, who claims he would have been “annoyed” if anyone else had been chosen to work on the piece.

The artist behind the popular song “Murden on the Dancefloor” has teamed up with renowned writer Don Black and composer David Arnold for their latest project.

Arnold, who has worked closely with Andrew Lloyd Webber, expressed his satisfaction with being chosen for the collaboration, stating that he would have been bothered if another team had been selected instead.

He said: “I’d have been really annoyed if they’d have asked someone else – it takes you back to the days when you were reading the book to your kids, so it’s a lovely thing to be asked to do!”

Don, who has worked on songs such as “Tel Me on a Sunday” and “Starlight Express,” called the new track a “dream project” for someone like himself, especially after working on the adaptation of Judith Kerr’s iconic picture book.

He said: “We both had such a great time doing ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ that it was an easy decision to come back for ‘Mog’ – it’s a dream project for a lyricist!”

Along with the film, ‘As Long As I Belong’ will be released in December.

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