Some Other Woman Soundtrack (2023)
Some Other Woman Soundtrack (2023)

Directed by Joel David Moore and written by Yuri Baranovsky, Angela Gulner, and Josh Long, Some Other Woman is a thriller film.

In this film, Eve goes to a tropical island with her husband, where she encounters a strange woman who begins taking over her life, piece by piece, and reality begins to die.

The film stars include Ashley Greene, Tom Felton, Amanda Crew, Rick Fox, Brooke Lyons, Samantha Kaine, and others.

Sam Adar Woman director Joel David Moore has worked in famous Norm in the Avatar movies. He previously directed a few other feature films, including Hide and Seek in 2021.

Its original premiere took place at the 2023 Mammoth Film Festival earlier this year and will be released in Superstar for a limited release in January 2024

Who composed the Some Other Woman Soundtrack?

Aaron Drake composed the music for Some Other Woman. He is a great composer, and he writes for various media, including film and television, contemporary dance, and sound installation.

Some Other Woman Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of Some Other Woman Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, and other platforms. All songs are from the same album.

  • The Heart of Shango (01:54)
  • My Own Fucking Nightmare (Pt. 1) (00:52)
  • Beginning Ritual (Pt. 1) (01:37)
  • My Own Fucking Nightmare (Pt. 2) (00:52)
  • Taken Away (Pt. 1) (03:34)
  • False Alarm (02:25)
  • My Own Fucking Nightmare (Pt. 3) (02:06)
  • Another Mirror (Pt. 1) (01:06)
  • Amsterdam or the Staycation Down the Beach (Pt. 1) (03:28)
  • When Does This Shit Kick In (04:18)
  • I Know Who You Are (03:55)
  • See You On The Flipside (03:35)
  • You’re Fucking Another Woman (01:43)
  • We Barely Know Each Other (02:26)
  • Sympathique (Je ne veux pas travailler) (02:42)
  • My Own Fucking Nightmare (Pt. 4) (02:24)
  • Amsterdam or the Staycation Down the Beach (Pt. 2) (01:58)
  • Taken Away (Pt. 2) 903:19)
  • The Flipside (03:48)
  • Two Bells Toll (02:47)
  • Fire Down Below (04:00)

This initially premiered at the 2023 Mammoth Film Festival. Some Other Woman in select theaters starting January 5th, 2024 coming soon. You can also watch the film’s official trailer on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the stories and cast.

Music lovers can enjoy Some Other Woman Soundtracks on Spotify and Apple Music. (External Link:- Some Other Woman Soundtrack)

SOME OTHER WOMAN | Official Trailer (NEW 2024) Tom Felton, Ashley Greene

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