Respecting the Stage Tim McGraw's Stand Against Concertgoers' Flying Objects
Respecting the Stage Tim McGraw's Stand Against Concertgoers' Flying Objects

Tim McGraw is the most recent celebrity to speak out against the “terrible” trend of concertgoers throwing objects at performers while they are performing.

While an interview with CNN on Monday the American country star addressed the issue of throwing objects at Artists during the concert.

“I think it’s terrible,” the 56-year-old told. “I mean, you could really injure somebody and you could miss and hit somebody in the audience and injure somebody. What happens if somebody gets hurt? Then it ruins the show for everybody … if somebody can’t continue performing.” Tim McGraw added.

The bizarre trend has become increasingly common and has impacted a number of musicians.

During concerts, the strange trend has gotten more widespread and has affected a number of performers.

McGraw added, “I’m used to soft goods being thrown at me. And that’s fine, but don’t throw anything that’s got any heft to it that’s gonna hurt somebody. I just think that it’s just not appropriate to do. Everybody’s there to have fun and there’s just no need in any of that. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, but I’ll try to stay calm if it does.”

Most recently an incident took place where Kelsea Ballerini had a bracelet thrown at her that hit her in the face and injured her.

However, Kane Brown and Morgan Wallen were both hit by boots thrown into the stage. Other artists who have had objects thrown at them while on stage while performing include Harry Styles, Drake, Pink, and Bebe Rexha.

Recently Cardi B recently replied by hurling her microphone at a concertgoer who spilled a drink on her.

“I wanted this music on this album to reflect life in general and be life-affirming and positive,” he said of the music the album contains, noting that much of the album was crafted during the pandemic Tim McGraw continued.

“I wanted the music to sort of reflect that, living the good life and being the best person that you can be and knowing we all make mistakes, but you wake up the next day and try to be a better person.”

In March 2024 McGraw will launch his Standing Room Only Tour while preparing for the release of the tour’s namesake album meanwhile in August release Tim McGraw’s 17th studio project.

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