Quavo in Handcuffs Yacht Incident Unfolds in Miami
Quavo in Handcuffs Yacht Incident Unfolds in Miami

Authorities reportedly apprehended Quavo on July 23, 2023, following a robbery on a yacht. According to 7 News, the Miami Beach Police Department responded to the incident, and the rapper was named as one of the suspects.

A video of the artist being detained by cops went viral after the incident, although he was not arrested. The footage showed Quavo shackled with zip ties as he sat on the boat deck, seemingly conversing with the cops.

According to 7 News, the suspected robbery occurred when the yacht was on its approach to the dock near The Wharf Miami. The passengers requested extra time on the boat, and the owners obliged. However, when the individuals requested a second extension of the renting period, the owners refused. This is when two people allegedly intimidated the captain with a revolver, demanding he refund their money while taking his phone and wallet.

According to the Miami Beach Police Department’s report, one of the males threatened to kill the captain and toss him overboard.

The yacht carried between 13 and 17 people, and many men were imprisoned. Drew Findling, Quavo’s lawyer, dissociated himself from the event in a statement to TMZ.

“To be clear Quavo was NOT mentioned in the police report narrative,” Findling insisted. “Not only was Quavo NOT arrested, he is not even listed as a witness to any alleged dispute. Ultimately, no one on the boat was arrested.”

One crew member claimed to officers he saw a man grab the captain’s wallet and cell phone, but cops say everyone on the yacht gave contradictory testimonies on the matter.

A number of women can also be seen sitting on the pier in the footage, while police lights flash and Quavo sits close to officers with his hands behind his back.

Police also claim to have discovered two rifles on the yacht, but they claim the weapons were not used in any claimed threats.

On Instagram, Quavo responded to the reports, posting, “All Eyes On Me But I’m No 2Pac!!!”

The 32-year-old afterward published a photo of a “trap card” with his face on it. The card stated, “CAP… When a cap must be ensured (sic).”

“Cap” means “lie” in slang.

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