Players Soundtrack (2024)
Players Soundtrack (2024)

Players Soundtrack: Players is a romantic comedy film directed by Trish Sie and written by Whit Anderson.

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Release date: February 14, 2024 (United States)

The film is produced by Ryan Christians, Ross M. Dinerstein, and Marc Platt, with Molly Breeskin, Ross Girard, Sophia Lin, and Gina Rodriguez serving as producers.

Official Synopsis:- New York sportswriter Mack has spent years devising successful hook-up “plays” with her friends, but when she unexpectedly falls for one of her targets, she must learn what it takes to go from simply scoring to playing for keeps.

The film stars are Tom Ellis, Gina Rodriguez, Augustus Prew, Damon Wayans Jr., Liza Koshy, Joel Courtney, Brock O’Hurn, Jerry Kernion, and others.

Players Soundtrack (2024)
Players Soundtrack (2024) Credit: Digital SPy

Who composed the Players Soundtrack?

Jeff Cardoni composed the music for Players. He is an American composer and a multi-instrumentalist.

Jeffrey E. Cardoni is one of the famous musicians, a multi-instrumentalist, drummer, and guitarist in several bands who first studied classical piano, including a distinguished stint with the rock band Alien Crime Cindy.

As a composer, he has worked in many film and television series such as Just Friends, 30 Days, Ghosts (American TV series), Young Sheldon, Me Time (film), and others.

Players Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of Player’s Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, and other platforms.

  • Players Main Titles (1:57)
  • Friendship (1:04)
  • Nick’s Photos (1:32)
  • Die Before I Get Married (1:48)
  • Planning the Play (3:03)
  • Throwing Up (1:04)
  • New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor (2:44)
  • Baseball Game (1:14)
  • Adam’s Girlfriend (1:09)
  • After Show (0:53)
  • Heartbreak (1:14)
  • Gala (2:05)
  • I Didn’t Like Any of It (3:57)
  • Loney Apartment (1:18)
  • Office Heist (1:18)
  • Meeting Each Other for the First Time (1:56)
  • I Love You (1:13)

Players was released on February 14, 2024, in the United States. Music Lovers can enjoy the Players’ Soundtracks on various platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

I Love You
Players Soundtrack

Additional Music of Players

  • Mas Queso is a song by Floyd Wonder. The song is part of the album Mas Queso, which was released in 2020.
  • Slinky (feat. Charles Walker) is a song by The Dynamites. The song is part of the album Kaboom, which was released on 4 May 2007.
  • Feelin‘ It is a song by Danger Twins. The song is part of the album Say Wow, which was released on 19 March 2019.
  • Freak is a song by Sofi Tukker. The song is part of the album WET TENNIS, which was released on 29 April 2022.
  • Do Ya Thang is a song by Leo Soul. The song is part of the album Soul, for Real, and it was released on 29 April 2022.
  • We Out Here is a song by Atomic Drum Assembly. The song is part of the album Atomic Drum Assembly, which was released on 16 July 2018.
  • Working Woman is a song by Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos from the album This Is Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos, which was released on 28 August 2009.
  • Something in the Water is a song by JONES. The song is part of the album Camera Flash, and it was released on 7 August 2020.
  • Green Light by Lady Bribr
  • Show Ya How by Claire Guerreso
  • Like Wow by BAYBE
  • Bounce by Kali J

Official Trailer:- A Netflix film, Players, was premiered on February 14, 2024. You can watch the trailer of players on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the story.

Players | Official Trailer | Netflix
Players Soundtrack

By watching the trailer of the film, one can guess how interesting and unique the story will be and how uniquely the characters are portrayed.

It can be guessed from the trailer that this film will be full of drama, and each character will portray their role completely in an exquisite form.

Players Soundtrack (2024) (2)
Players Soundtrack (2024) (2) Credit: IMDB

Music Department of Players:- The music department consists of dozens of brilliant artists, including Lauren Danielak, Nicolette Di Dia, Liz Gallacher, Oren Hadar, Jordi Nus, and others.

Sound Department of Players:- The music department consists of Brendan Croxon, Tammy Fearing, Jeanne Gilliland, Ethan Goldberger, James Harvey, and others.

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