Phil Collins's Best Songs
Phil Collins's Best Songs

Phil Collins’s Best Songs: Prepare for that experience as we carefully present one of the finest creations of renowned artist Phil Collins.

He is one of the lead singers of the British prog-rock band Genesis, having served as the drummer; Phil Collins enjoyed massive solo success in the 80s.

Another name for Phil Collins is Philip David Charles Collins LVO—one of the most famous English singers, drummers, songwriters, record producers, and actors. Following a solo career, he achieved three UK number-one singles and seven US number-one singles as a solo artist.

However, from the Genesis era to his solo efforts, he has established himself as an integral figure in the music landscape, captivating audiences worldwide. He always won the hearts of his fans with his captivating tunes and heart-touching songs.

Additionally, he had seven No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in almost a decade.

Phil Collins’s Best Songs

Listen and enjoy the Phil Collins’s Best Songs here:

In The Air, Tonight

It is one of the artist’s most iconic and memorable songs. Released in 1981, it is part of the track  Face Value. The opening drum fill is one of the most recognizable in music history and sets the tone for the rest of the song.

It’s one of the masterpieces of songwriting and is undoubtedly still popular today. By clicking on the video, you can listen to the complete song.

Easy Lover

This song is released from the album Chinese Wall, and the genre of the music is R&B/SoulDance-rockClassic Rock, and Adult Contemporary. The lyrics of this song are based on the story of women who are unpredictable and difficult to please, but the track has an upbeat tune and a catchy hook that makes you want to sing along.

This song is a time classic song that has brought people to their feet even today.

I Don’t Care Anymore

This song is part of the album Hello, I Must Be Going! which was released in 1982, and the genre of the music is Hard rockProgressive rockPopRock

The song is five minutes long and showcases Collins’ impressive drum skills and his extreme anger towards his former partner. “‘Cause I remember all the times I tried so hard,” as he sings, and “And you laughed in my face ‘Cause you held all the cards/I don’t care anymore.”

Another Day In Paradise

This is one of the best songs for the homeless. Just imagine that you are walking through the streets of a beautiful building. Then, after listening to this song, you will enjoy this sponge all over.

The music ties together all the pianos, guitars, and drums, which perfectly captures the song’s mood.

One More Night

This long is part of the track No Jacket Required, released in 1985. Creating relatable songs engages the listener in the explosive journey of a man caught in a toxic relationship.

This song remained on the Billboard charts for almost two consecutive weeks but continues to resonate with fans today. The song is a timeless masterpiece that showcases Collins as the film’s story.

Against All Odds

The song is part of the album Against All Odds: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, released in 1984.

The song was awarded a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original SongMORE.

Dance Into The Light

This song has a strong rhythm which forces you to dance along with the song. Also, this is the song released from this album in 1996, which is the biggest hit song to date.

The song’s blend of pop, rock, and world music elements creates a vibrant and energetic sound that inspires listeners to get up and dance.

I Wish It Would Rain Down

This song was released in  2016 with the feature of Eric Clapton. The two worked together on Clapton’s 1985 LPs Behind the Sun and 1986’s August. Collins collaborated on the album and played drums and synths on several tracks.

The song’s other achievements are number three on the Hot 100. The music is 9 minutes long and features Jeffrey Tambor as a theater director.

Although the movie soundtrack is available on other music streaming platforms, viewers can stream songs from the movie individually on V, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, Soundcloud.

You can watch and listen to different songs on different platforms, but I suggest you search on YouTube; There, you can find it easily.

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