Palm Royale Soundtrack
Palm Royale Soundtrack

Created by Abe Sylvia Palm, Royale is an upcoming drama-comedy series that will premiere on Apple TV+ on March 20, 2024.

The series follows a woman who works towards getting a place in Palm Beach high society after being dismissed by her husband and her entire social circle.

Its stars are Kristen Wiig, Josh Lucas, Allison Janney, Leslie Bibb, Laura Dern, Kaia Gerber, and Julia Duffy.

Palm Royale Soundtrack (2)
Palm Royale Soundtrack (2) Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Who composed the Palm Royale Soundtrack?

Jeff Toyne composed the music for the Palm Royale Soundtrack. His feature films include Abel’s Field (2013), Twist of Faith (2013), Dirty Girl (2011), Blooded (2010, co-written with Ilan Eshkeri), and 10 Years Later (2009).

Palm Royale Soundtrack List

Here is the Palm Royale Soundtrack List:

  • An Inside Look
  • Khruangbin – August 10: The song is part of the album Con Todo el Mundo, which was released by the artist Khruangbin in 2018. The genre of the song includes Alternative/Indie
  • Jungle – Casio: This song is part of the album For Ever, released by Jungle in 2018.
  • Vente Pa’ CA
  • Tu Recuerdo (MTV Unplugged Version) by Ricky Martin: This song was composed by the artist Ricky Martin and released in 2006.
  • Foster The People – Imagination (Official Video) by Foster The People
  • Destination by CARLOS ZATCH: This song is part of the album Destination, released in 2020 by the artist Carlos Zatch.
  • Childish Gambino—Feels Like Summer by Donald Glover: This song is part of the album Summer Pack, released by Donald Glover in 2018.
  • Khruangbin – Friday Morning (Official Video) by Night Time Stories
  • Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin: This song is part of the album Ricky Martin released 1999. The genres are dance-pop, pop, and UK R&B.

You can listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

Official Trailer

You can also watch the official trailer of Palm Royale on YouTube, where you can glimpse the stories and cast.

Palm Royale Series Trailer 2024 | Apple TV+ | Kristen Wiig | Palm Royale Trailer | Palm Royale 2024

The series consists of episodes arriving on March 20, followed by a new episode until May 8.

In addition to Kristen Wiig, Katie O’Connell Marsh, Tate Taylor, and John Norris, Laura Dern and Jaime Lemmons produce for Jaywalker Pictures.

The series was created by Apple Studios and co-produced by Lionsgate Television in association with POV Entertainment, Walden Media, 3rd Arts Entertainment, Dovetail Productions, and Monarch Pictures.

Some producers include Beletsky, Franklin, Layne Eskridge, and Kate Barry. Swanson, author of “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for the Lincoln Killer,” is another executive producer besides Michael Rotenberg, Richard Abbate, Frank Smith, and Naya Kukukov.

The description of the series is “‘Three Little Birds’ narrates the adventures of gregarious sisters Leah and Chantrelle, who hail from the St Anne’s district of Jamaica, and their virtuous, bible-loving acquaintance Hosanna, as they board a ship heading for a new life in Great Britain,”

Palm Royale Soundtrack
Palm Royale Soundtrack Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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