On the Line Soundtrack (2022)
On the Line Soundtrack (2022)

On the Line Soundtrack: Directed and written by Romuald Boulanger, On the Line is an action-thriller film.

In this film, a radio host receives a call from a mysterious caller who threatens him and kidnaps his family. The host must track down the unknown caller.

Who composed the On the Line Soundtrack?

Clément Périn composed the music for this film, and Gilles Luka has provided additional music. Clément Périn is known for Talk (2019), Connectés (2020), and On the Line (2022).

On the Line Soundtrack List

Here is a complete list of On the Line Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

  • Introduction (2:41)
  • Introduction Alternative Version (1:56)
  • I’m at Your House (5:58)
  • Elvis Walks Away (1:18)
  • Countdown (1:22)
  • Hide (5:22)
  • And Seek (4:37)
  • Let’s Find Him (0:59)
  • Police (1:49)
  • Aftermath (2:30)
  • Main Theme (0:57)
  • On the Line – Gilles Luka (3:25)
  • Emotional Meeting – Gilles Luka (2:41)
  • Let’s End This Show in Style (Bonus Track) (2:16)
  • Rooftop (Bonus Track) (8:12)
  • Police (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track) (1:56)
  • The Messiah (Bonus Track) (3:39)
  • Main Theme (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track) (1:09)

Additional Music of On the Line

Here is a complete tracklist of additional songs:-

  • Can’t Stop is a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song is part of the album By the Way, which was released on 9 July 2002 on Warner Bros. Records.
  • To Hear Is To Obey is a song by James Taylor. The song is part of the album Baker’s Walk and it was released on 26 November 2021.
  • Crash Smash Dash is a song by Luke Richards. The song is part of the album named Cinematic, Tense, Thriller.
  • Uneasy Peace is a song by Paul Mottram. The song is part of the album HEROIC CINEMA.
  • Reawakening is a song by Igor Dvorkin. The song is part of the album SPARSE REALITY. The album was released on 2021-04-12.
  • Inserrection is a song by Terry Devine-King. The song is part of the album ROCKTRONIC EUPHORIA, which was released on 2015-05-28.
  • Battle Lines is a song by Terry Devine-King. The song is part of the album ORCHESTRAL DRAMA 2. The album was released on 2007-01-28.
  • I Got U On The Line – Gilles Luka
  • So Sweet – Pete Masitto
  • Biggest Fan – Igor Dvorkin
  • Euphoria Morning – Chris Bussey
  • Ave Maria – J.S Bach
  • Talk – Gilles Luka
  • Sound Of The Office – Vogart
  • Emotional Meeting – Gilles Luka
Emotional Meeting
On the Line Soundtrack (2022)

The film was released on November 04, 2022. You can listen to On the Line Soundtrack on various platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music. (External Link: On the Line Soundtrack)

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