Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack
Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack

The upcoming Peacock is directed by Eric Fogel and written by Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simmons.

Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate is a much-awaited film starring Megamind, a former villain turned hero.

Release date: March 1, 2024 (United States)

The film is a delightful mix of comedy, action, and heroism, as fans eagerly anticipate the comical challenges and adventures of Megamind’s new heroic journey.

Who Composed Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack?

  • Matthew Janszen: Matthew Janszen composed a song for Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate. He is famously known as Tiny Toons Looniversity (2023), Bugs Bunny Builders (2022), and Aquaman: King of Atlantis (2021).
  • Bryan Winslow is famous for The Doom Syndicate (2024) and Megamind: Rules! (2024) and recently contributed additional music to DreamWorks: Ruby Gillman; Teenage Kraken (2023), Universal’s: Strays (2023), and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (2023)
Who Composed Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack
Who Composed Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack

Megamind vs The Doom Syndicate Soundtrack List

  • Megamind Rules! Theme Song—Extended Version (feat. Adam Lambert)—Alex Seaver: Only one song has been released so far.

You can listen them on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

The voice cast of Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate includes Keith Ferguson as Megamind, Laura Post as Roxanne Ritchie, Josh Brener as Ol’ Chum, and Maya Aoki Tuttle as Keiko Morita.

Some of the other cast is Emily Tunon as Lady Doppler, Talon Warburton as Lord Nighty-Knight, Scott Adsit as Pierre Pressure, Chris Sullivan as Behemoth, Tony Hale as Mr. Donut, Jeanine Mason as Christino Christo and Adam Lambert as Machiavellian.

Official Trailer:

You can also watch the movie trailer on YouTube to glimpse the stories and cast.


By watching the series trailer, it can be estimated how exciting and unique the story will be and how uniquely the characters have been portrayed.

Official Synopsis: Megamind’s former villain team, The Doom Syndicate, has returned. Our newly crowned blue hero must keep up evil appearances until he can assemble his friends to stop his former evil teammates from launching Metro City to the Moon. (From IMDb)

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