Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack

Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack: Netflix’s new series Love Like a K-Drama is based on the reality dating show, which includes four Korean actors and four Japanese actresses as they pair up to live together and build romantic chemistry.

The pair play the lead roles in the Korean drama as they overcome heartbreak, love, friendship, and romance.

As per the IMDb, Pairs of actors search for romantic chemistry while trying to land lead roles in Korean dramas; dreams, romance, and friendship intertwine in this dating series, leading to love and heartbreak.

Genres: Game-ShowReality-TVRomance

Release Date: The series will be released globally at 12:00 AM PST on 28 November 2023.

The official synopsis for Love Like a K-Drama Season 1 reads: “Four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors are paired up to try and land lead roles in six K-dramas, along with lively commentary from studio emcees.”

Stars: Yûko FuekiKim, Won-shikRio, Yamashita

Certificate: TV-MA

Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023

Who Composed Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack?

Aina the End: She is also known as Aina D&K and is a Japanese girl, model, and actress. She is a former member of the idol group Bish.

Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023

Theme Music of Love Like a K-Drama

Diana: The song is featured as a theme song in the K-drama Love Like A, written and performed by the same Diana Diana. The theme song is a touching tune that impressively captures the artist’s emotion and charm while evoking the depth of your love for someone.

The musical interlude of “Diana” is the audience’s awareness of the drama of love and trust playing out on the screen.

The Love Like a K-drama soundtrack was produced by the team. Aina D&D’s contribution to the show’s theme and music was attributed to her director’s portfolio selection of the theme song.

Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack List

Diana has graced the entire series with serious emotion, which impacts the audience and leaves a memorable impression.

  • Can’t Get Enough by NiiHW, Krysta Young: This song was released in 2023 and is the [part of the album Krysta Youngs x NiiHWA – Sunsets by the artist NiiHWAKrysta Youngs.
  • Gimme That by Ryppl
  • The Other Side by them from there: this is one of the tracks from the album R&B PoP released in 2022.
  • Her Kiss Lingers by Stuart Moore: Her Kiss Lingers is a song by Stuart Moore released in 2023 by artist Stuart Moore and is part of the album  Lo-Fi Europe.
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023 (2)
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack 2023 (2) Credit: Primetimer
  • Diana by Aina: This song is part of the album 華奢な心 released by Artist Mirror The End in 2023.
  • Ave verum corpus by Simon Carrington: Ave verum corpus is a song by Simon Carrington released in  2019 that is part of the album Soulmates.

Trailer: You can also watch the official telecast of the series on YouTube, where you can glimpse the stories and cast and enjoy another soundtrack from Amazon Music and Spotify.

Love Like a K-Drama | Official Trailer | Netflix
Love Like a K-Drama Soundtrack

Source: Y!Entertaiment

The song is “Diana”. This dynamic theme tune powerfully captures the artist’s emotions and teachings while evoking the depths of your love for someone.


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