Let It Shine Soundtrack (2012)
Let It Shine Soundtrack (2012)

Let It Shine Soundtrack: Let It Shine is a 2012 American musical television film that premiered on Disney Channel. It stars Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

The Disney Channel Original Movie premiered on June 15, 2012 in the United States and Canada, and on July 20, 2012 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Who Composed the Let It Shine Soundtrack?

  • Richard Gibbs: Richard “Ribs” Gibbs (born December 5, 1955) is a composer and music producer with credits on the various Dr. Dolittles, Big Momma’s House, Queen of the Damned, the television series Battlestar Galactica and the first season of the Simpsons.
Who Composed the Let It Shine Soundtrack
Who Composed the Let It Shine Soundtrack

Let It Shine Soundtrack List

This song is composed by The Music is part of the film Let It Shine, formed by artist Tyler James Williams and released in 2012. The genre of the song is Dance/Electronic.

  • Don’t Run Away by Tyler James Williams
  • Guardian Angel by Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones
  • Me And You by Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones
  • What I Said (From “Let It Shine”)” by Coco Jones
  • Who I’m Gonna Be by Coco Jones
  • You Belong To Me by Tyler James Williams
  • Tonight’s The Night
  • Around The Block by Cast of Let It Shine
  • Moment Of Truth by Tyler James Williams, Brandon Mychal Smith
  • Joyful Noise by Cast of Let It Shine
  • Good To Be Home by Coco Jones
  • Let It Shine
  • Self Defeat

Official Trailer: You can check out the Let It Shine soundtrack so you can get a full glimpse of the film.

Let it Shine - 'Dont Run Away' - Official Music Video

Official Synopsis: A teenage rapper must use his musical talent to battle his nemesis and win the girl of his dreams.

Genres: Drama, Family, Music

Release date: June 1, 2012 (United States)

The complete soundtrack is available on various platforms, including Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

(Source of Let It Shine Soundtrack: music, Anghami)

The film stars a talented rapper and musician who writes romantic hip-hop verses, only to remain inactive as the film is directed by Paul Hoenn and written by Eric Daniels and Don D. Scott.

Starring are Tyler James Williams as Cyrus DeBarge, Coco Jones as Roxanne Andrews, Trevor Jackson as Kris McDuffy, Brandon Mychal Smith (“So Random!”) as Lord of Da Bling, Nicole Sullivan (“MADtv”) as Roxanne’s music manager Lyla, Courtney B.

Vance (“FlashForward,” ABC’s “Revenge”) as Cyrus’ preacher father, Jacob DeBarge, and Dawnn Lewis (“A Different World”) as Cyrus’ mother, Gail.

The playlist for Let It Shine Soundtrack is available on Spotify. Apart from the original soundtracks from the Diney movie, the playlist also includes songs that are tonally in tandem with the movie’s overarching themes.

You can explore some of the other soundtrack on Disney+

Although an official playlist for Let It Shine Soundtrack is streaming platforms, audiences can individually stream the movie’s songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

(Source of Let It Shine Soundtrack (2012): tvguide, wikipedia)

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