Oops! Joe Jonas' Unfortunate Onstage Incident: Singer's Embarrassing Moment with a Twist
Oops! Joe Jonas' Unfortunate Onstage Incident: Singer's Embarrassing Moment with a Twist

Joe Jonas: The Jonas Brothers singer recounted how it was a “bad day” for him to be wearing white clothes four years ago.

During an interview on the Australian radio show Will & Woody, the Jonas Brothers singer made the admission when asked to recount a story he had never told before.

“I was with a few friends yesterday and we were just talking about there is a point in your life as an adult where you can remember the last time you s**t your pants,” Joe Jonas said.

“Let’s just say it was a bad day to wear white clothing. You think it might’ve been a little toot, might’ve been something else, something a little extra. So it was a mid-wardrobe s**t change during the set.”

Dedicated admirers, according to the 33-year-old, will most likely be able to pinpoint the exact moment when he changed from his white garments into a second costume during an exceptionally long period of the program.

“If you go in the archives, there is a wardrobe change halfway through the show and it’s a little bit like, ‘Oh, that’s a bit interesting choice to change clothes that quickly.’

It’s a story I’ve never told… It was a light one, not a full (poop). I was able to tell the tale,” Joe Jonas continued.

“The whole time I thought that somebody is going to be able to see this and know what is happening, but it was all in my head. It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Such is life.”

Jonas is indeed in good company. Back in 2015, Ed Sheeran revealed that he also accidentally pooped his pants while on stage. 

Per E! News, the singer, 32, told Australian radio station Nova FM that he farts “all the time” during his performances and once “misjudged a fart on stage, which ended up being a shart.”

Meanwhile, Phoebe Bridgers said in 2020 that she, too, had an oops moment on stage while suffering from food poisoning.

Speaking during an Instagram Live, the singer, shared, “I had food poisoning and the label was like, ‘Well, if you’re sick, that’s fine, but it’s really cool you got booked.’

They didn’t put pressure on me, I was just trying to underplay how sick I was. I was like, ‘I’m fine,’ and I was sweating. Then I got on stage and three songs in…”

Bridgers then began laughing, before clarifying “It was only a little bit” and it “wasn’t like I f—ing destroyed myself.”

“I was fine, I was safe, I had black tights and, like, a long dress,” she added.


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