Jack Antonoff Clarifies 'Hey Joe' Song Not About Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend
Jack Antonoff Clarifies 'Hey Joe' Song Not About Taylor Swift's Ex-Boyfriend

Jack Antonoff clarifies that his upcoming song ‘Hoye. Joe’ is not Taylor Swift‘s ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. In a one-on-one conversation with a site, the Bleachers band frontman Jack clearly justifies that there is no relationship between Taylor’s ex, Joe Alwyn.

Jack Antonoff Interview

Jack Antonoff, during an Interview with The Guardian, said, “There’s a community of people that will be pretty disappointed when they find out it’s a meditation on my father and his friends walking the Ho Chi Minh trail in their 60s.”

He clarifies these controversies with a smile. Currently, Taylor Swift is dating a football player, Travis Kelce. The Bleachers album will be going to be released in March 2024.

Jack And Taylor Relation

Jack and Taylor are connected professionally, and Jack has collaborated with Taylor on her music since her 2014 album Taylor’s Version 1989.

They first met at the MTV Europe Music Awards. In an interview, Taylor talks about Jack. The singer said, “Sometimes he sits at the piano, and we both just start ad-libbing, and the song seems to create itself.”

She continues, “His excitement and exuberance about writing songs is contagious. He’s an absolute joy. That’s why everyone loves him. I personally wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t.”

The bond of friendship between Jack and Taylor is mutual; Jack also talks about Taylor, saying, “I’ve seen her change the music industry first-hand; she’s amazing for being a champion and making things better for the generations to come.”

The frontman continues, “She has a long history of rightly exposing some real darkness in the music industry. And I’m personally thankful for it, outside of our friendship and working relationship, just as an artist.”

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