Holiday Twist Soundtrack
Holiday Twist Soundtrack

Holiday Twist is a 2023 American Christmas musical comedy film written and directed by Stephanie Garvin and produced by veteran Home Alone producer Scott Rosenfelt.

Stephanie Garvin, directed from his own scripts, and the film will be released in more than 500 theaters nationwide on 1 December 2023.

Holiday Twist Soundtrack

Stephen Dorff (2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame) serves as composer for the ambitious motion picture, while David Helfant (a renowned music supervisor with over 300 productions ) provides music supervision.

Michael Jay Margules, on December 17, 1959, is an American songwriter, record producer, and studio owner. Title song Alan De Moss co-wrote I Got You, a featured song. Jake Miller has performed in the song his performance was heartfelt of I Got You.

Platinum and Gold record music producer, Val Garay has created the title song. Holiday Twist will focus more on awareness campaigns.

Who is the composer of the Holiday Twist Soundtrack?

Steve Dorff: He is an American musician and composer who works primarily in the field of country music. He is best known as the evil vampire Deacon Frost in Marvel Comics’ supervillain horror film Blade (1998).

Holiday Twist Soundtrack

All the songs are from the album Holiday Twist (original motion picture soundtrack), released on 24 November 2023, in which many artists are included.

  • I Got You – Jake Miller
  • Holiday Twist – SQVARE
  • Christmas Everywhere – Caroline Romano
  • I’m Not Alone Tonight – Caroline Romano
  • Wanna Be Your Friend – Koda
  • Sugar Plum Fantasy – Peter David Bateman & Jonathan Andrew Timpe
  • I Think I Hear A Harp – Steve Dorff
  • Frenemies – Steve Dorff
  • Buffoonery – Steve Dorff
  • Connie’s Breakdown – Steve Dorff
  • Half The Battle – Steve Dorff
  • I Wanna Stay – Steve Dorff
  • Stolen Joy – Steve Dorff
  • Voicemail Call – Steve Dorff
  • Reggae O Holy Night – Steve Dorff
O Holy Night - Serena Onasis [Sang Higher Note than Mariah Carey's Version]

The Holiday Twist Soundtrack will be available to you soon. Listen to the songs of the film on Spotify and Apple Music.

Holiday Twist. Starring Kelly Stables, Neal McDonough and Sean Astin.
Holiday Twist Soundtrack

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