Griselda Soundtrack (2024)
Griselda Soundtrack (2024)

Griselda Soundtrack: Directed by Andrés Baiz, Griselda is a biographical crime drama miniseries. The miniseries will be produced by Eric Newman, Sofía Vergara, and Luis Balaguer for Latin World Entertainment.

Synopsis: The series presents the life of Griselda Blanco, a devoted mother who created one of the most profitable cartels in history.

The series stars are Sofía Vergara, Martín Rodríguez, Rosa Ochoa, Desiree Alexandra Estrada, Martín Fajardo, Juliana Aidén Martinez, and others.

Who composed the Griselda Soundtrack?

Carlos Rafael Rivera composed the music for Griselda. His work includes A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014), Godless (2017), The Queen’s Gambit (2020), Lessons in Chemistry (2023) and others.

Griselda Soundtrack List

Here is the complete soundtrack by episode:

Epsiode 1

  • I’m Going Home – Bob Patterson: This song is part of the album Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Singer, Songwriter by artist Bob Patterson, released in 2009.
  • Maria Isabel – Afrosound
  • Hot Stuff – Donna Summer: This song is part of the album Hot Stuff, released by Donna Summer, Kygo.
  • Liza… Liza – Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra: The song was composed by the artist Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra and was released in 2014.
  • Charanga Pa’Gozar – Charanga Sensación de Rolando Valdes: The artist Sensación Hay Una Sola composed by Charanga Sensación de Rolando Valdés released in 1978.
  • Oye No Me Beses – Charanga Sensación de Rolando Valdes
  • Sueltame, Vieja – Los Guaracheros De Oriente
  • Mirando Al Mar – Jorge Sepulveda
  • Soy Una Nube – Elia y Elizabeth
  • El Aguardientoski – Los Graduados
  • For Your Love (Edit) – Chilly

Episode 2 songs

  • Come and Get It – Ralph Robles
  • What We Can Do – Wild Wind
  • We’re Gonna Get Back Together – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
  • Air – Ekseption
  • Let There Be Drums – Sandy Nelson
  • Watermelon Man – Mongo Santamaria & actors
  • I’m So Thankful – Eugene Blacknell
  • Get a Groove in Order to Move – CJ & Co
  • Salut – Joe Dassin

Episode 3 songs

  • Gloria (Spanish Version) – Umberto Tozzi
  • Yours Truly Love – Shirley Nanette
  • One in a Million – The Ovations featuring Louis Williams
  • La Cigarra (aka The Cicada) – Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta
  • Gotta Go Home – Boney M
  • Ramona – Pulse

Episode 4 songs

  • Mammy Blue – Roger Whittaker
  • Invitation to the World – Jimmy Briscoe & the Little Beavers
  • La Senorita Lola – Ray & His Court
  • Ou La La – Grandpa
  • Sacalo Sacalo – Los Kintos
  • Lullaby in Ragtime – Harry Nilsson
  • Funky On The Bottom – Robert Edwards

Episode 5 songs

  • Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics
  • Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris
  • Sweet Baby of Mine – Ruth Brown
  • Let’s Dance – David Bowie
  • Dr Beat – Miami Sound Machine
  • Hot Camera Shake – Francesco De Masi
  • Good Thing – Pearl Dowdell
  • Tried and True (Final) – Hit Shack
  • Whip It on Me – Deborah Foster
  • Summer Fun – DJ Smalls
  • Sex Toy – Julie Sims
  • Black Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg
  • Do You Feel It? – The Joe Cuba Sextet

Episode 6 songs

  • Na Na – Coke
  • La Zenaida – Armando Hernández

The soundtrack of Griselda is available on Apple Music and Spotify, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

Official Trailer

The film is set to be released on Netflix on January 25, 2024. You can also watch the series’s official trailer on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the stories and cast.

Griselda | Official Trailer | Netflix
Griselda Soundtrack (2024)

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