Goodfellas Soundtrack (1990) (1)
Goodfellas Soundtrack (1990) (1)

Goodfellas Soundtrack: Goodfellas is a 1990 biography, crime, and drama film directed by Martin Scorsese.

Nicholas Pileggi and Martin Scorsese wrote the screenplay. It is based on a 1985 nonfiction book named Wiseguy, which Nicholas Pileggi penned.

It stars Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Tony Darrow, Mike Starr, Frank Sivero, Frank DiLeo and Paul Sorvino.

Goodfellas Soundtrack (1990)
Goodfellas Soundtrack (1990) Credit: IMDB

Irwin Winkler produces it with executive producer Barbara De Fina and associate producer Bruce S. Pustin.

Goodfellas Release Date: The film was released in the United States on September 19, 1990, on Warner Bros. Pictures.

Goodfellas Soundtrack List

Here is the list for Goodfellas Soundtrack List:-

  1. Rags to Riches: It is a 1953 pop song by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross and was produced by Percy Faith.
  2. Sincerely: It is a popular song written by Harvey Fuqua and Alan Freed and released by The Moonglows in 1954.
  3. Speedoo: It is a song penned by Esther Navarro and performed by The Cadillacs. The song ranked three on the U.S. R&B chart.
  4. Stardust: It is a Jazz 1927 song composed by Hoagy Carmichael, with lyrics by Mitchell Parish.
  5. Look in My Eyes: This is a 1958 song performed by The Chantels.
  6. Life Is But a Dream: 1955’s rock song was from the Harptones album.
  7. Remember (Walking in the Sand): The song, also known as “Remember,” was written by George Morton. The songs come under the pop genre.
  8. Baby, I Love You: It is a hit song by R&B singer Aretha Franklin. The song is from Aretha Arrive’s album in 1967.
  9. Beyond the Sea: It is the English version of the French song “La Mer” by Charles Trenet, the song was widespread by Bobby Darin in the year 1959.
  10. Sunshine of Your Love: This song was released in 1967 by the British rock band Cream. The song was composed by Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton.
  11. Mannish Boy: This hit song comes under Blues and was performed by Muddy Waters.
  12. Layla (Piano Exit): The 1970s song was performed by Derek and the Dominos, and this song comes under the Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs album.

Goodfellas Official Trailer

You can watch the trailer below:

Goodfellas - Trailer - (1990) - HQ
Goodfellas Soundtrack (1990)

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