Ghostrunner 2 Soundtrack
Ghostrunner 2 Soundtrack

Ghost Runner is the new video game of 2023 which was developed by One More Level Ghostrunner was released on 26 October 2023

Who composes Ghostrunner 2?

Daniel Deluxe is a Copenhagen-based, Russian electronic music producer. He has released three albums: Corruptor, Instruments of Retribution, and Exile. Deluxe has also composed the scores for the video games Desync and Ghostrunner.

About the Ghostrunner 2 Soundtrack

Ghostrunner 1st and announced its sequel a year later. October 26 Developer One More Level released the first We saw some gameplay during a PlayStation Showcase earlier this year. But as fans of the first game know, the series’ music is one of its best.

Here is a complete list of soundtracks and the names of the songs played in Ghostrunner 2:

We Are Magonia – Mind As Universe
We Are Magonia – Dive Into The Void
Gost – The Temple
Dan Terminus – Son of a Microchip
Dan Terminus – Cartilage
We Are Magonia – God Run
Gost – Megapolitan
Dan Terminus – EgoStrip
Dan Terminus – Road Zero (listen below!)
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – Remains of the Outside
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – Uninvited
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – The Worm
Daniel Deluxe – The Maze
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – Shadow of the Road
We Are Magonia – Already Dead
Dan Terminus – Carrion Radiance
Dan Terminus – Discontinued
We Are Magonia – Human Like Features
Daniel Deluxe – Aerial Assault
We Are Magonia – Loading…
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – They Call Us Ghostrunners
Arkadiusz Rejkowski – The End
We Are Magonia – System Overload

Ghostrunner 2 - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Ghostrunner 2 Soundtrack: The soundtrack is available on Spotify and Apple Music, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score. also you can watch the official trailer on Youtube.

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