Freestyle Soundtrack
Freestyle Soundtrack

Freestyle Soundtrack: The film was directed by Maciej Bochniak and written by Bochniak and Sławomir Shuty. The story revolves around a freestyle rapper named Diego-Gir, who gives up a life of music and crime to focus on his interest in music.

Despite achieving local fame and recognition, Diego still needs money to record his songs for an album. This leaves him facing the difficult choice of returning to his old life and old relationships. His best friend and rap partner, Flor, isn’t much help either.

The owner of the studio reveals that Flor recently stole an expensive microphone from there, and he says the price for it will be paid for by Diego.

About the Freestyle Soundtrack

The film takes a turn when Diego decides to make a deal with a Slovak buyer to arrange some cocaine sellers for him. However, things soon go downhill from here. The continuous stacking of problems ensures that “Freestyle” never takes its foot off the pedal.

The film is set against the backdrop of vibrant Polish hip-hop and an intriguing underbelly. It is action-packed and maintains a very fast pace. Despite running the risk of being labyrinthine, Netflix’s Polish crime drama “Freestyle (2023)” directed by Maciej Bochniak has the unspoken energy of “Uncut Gems.”

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Freestyle Soundtrack Freestyle Soundtrack Freestyle Soundtrack Freestyle Soundtrack

Freestyle Soundtrack (OST)

  • STEVIE B – SPRING LOVE (promo freestyle REMIX): “Spring Love” is a popular song by freestyle singer Stevie B from his debut album “Party Your Body”, released in 1988. The song, also known as “Spring Love (Come Back to Me)”, was the third single from the album.
  • It achieved a higher chart placement compared to Stevie B’s previous single, almost reaching the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at No. 43) and paving the way for his Top 40 breakthrough the following year with the similar-sounding “I Wanna Be the One”. “Spring Love” also became Stevie B’s first top ten hit on the Dance charts, peaking at number 5, and it remains one of his most popular songs.
  • “Spring Love (Promo Freestyle Remix)” is a remix version of this song. Remixes often involve adding or subtracting elements from the original song to give it a new feel or sound. It appears that this particular remix is ​​available for streaming on SoundCloud. However, specific details about this remix, such as who created it and when it was released, are not readily available in my current sources.
  • Take Me Home (Richard Vission Edit): “Take Me Home (Richard Vission Edit)” is a song by WILD STYLE, a duo produced by Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Richard Vission. Their debut single “Take Me Home” is bringing Freestyle back. This particular version of the song is an edit by Richard Vission himself. The song was released on March 23, 2015.
  • MEGAMIX 80’s – PART 1: “MEGAMIX 80’s – Part 1” appears to be a compilation of popular songs from the 1980s mixed together into a single track for continuous play. These types of mixers are often used for parties, workouts, or other situations where a continuous stream of music is desired. The specific songs included in the mix can vary widely, but they generally include well-known hits from that era.
  • Depeche Mode- Strange Love – remix: “Strangelove” is a popular song by Depeche Mode, and there are several remixes available.
  • FREESTYLE REMIX – MEGAMIXES – TRACKS: “FREESTYLE REMIX – MEGAMIXES – TRACKS” appears to be a playlist curated by Freestyle Music Hits on SoundCloud. This playlist likely includes a variety of freestyle remixes, megamixes, and tracks.

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