ENHYPEN Shares Insights on 'Orange Blood' Connecting Deeper with ENGENEs
ENHYPEN Shares Insights on 'Orange Blood' Connecting Deeper with ENGENEs Credit: The Korea Herald

Orange Blood, the K-pop stars’ fifth mini-album, was released on November 17, following Dark Blood in May.

The group sat down with Billboard’s Tetris Kelly to discuss their rapid rise in the music industry, their fanbase, and their love for ENGENEs.

“We had Orange Blood in mind when we dropped our last album, Dark Blood,” member Jungwon explained. “The songs, much like the title, carried a darker theme overall, but Orange Blood has this warm vibe to its name. It reflects our desire to get closer to ENGENEs on a deeper, more personal level.”

Jake shared a few things about the album “Sweet Venom”, saying, “I’m so happy to be a part of our album. I thought about some of our old songs and how the lyrics were at that time, how strong they were. Now Happened,”

On October 22, ENHYPEN completed the American leg of their Fate World Tour, with the singers performing in front of over 85,000 fans across seven shows in six cities, including Los Angeles, Glendale, Houston, Dallas, Newark, and Chicago.

ENHYPEN Shares Insights on ‘Orange Blood’: Connecting Deeper with ENGENEs

Another notable album, Dark Blood, marked its best-rated release to date, peaking at number 4, even after a total of 10 weeks on the Billboard 200 in June.

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You can watch Billboard’s full interview with ENHYPEN here.

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