Doja Cat Wraps Up Recording for Upcoming Album ‘Scarlet’ (2)
Doja Cat Wraps Up Recording for Upcoming Album ‘Scarlet’ (2)

Doja Cat shared an exciting update about her upcoming album. In Classic, the pop star reveals on Statistics that her new album Scarlett is ready. Doja wrote in a series of inscriptions on the album, “The album is finished.” In quest, Doja is wearing a lacy white dress with a large belt that has a scorpion inside.

Doja Cat Wraps Up Recording for Upcoming Album ‘Scarlet’ (1)
Doja Cat Wraps Up Recording for Upcoming Album ‘Scarlet’

However, Doja Cat is ready for fans to see a whole new side of her on her upcoming fourth studio album, Scarlet.

Now that the album is ready, it is only a matter of time before Doja announces her highly anticipated third studio album. The announcement will likely coincide with their upcoming Scarlet Tour, which begins on Halloween, October 31 at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

In conversation with rap radio legend Angie Martinez for Harper’s Bazaar’s September 2023 cover story, the Grammy-winning artist teased some of the topics fans can expect in her new music.

Doja dropped Scarlett’s debut single “Attention” in June.

She added “It’s kind of an intro to what’s to come,” she says of the track. “This new album is more introspective, but I’m not leaning so hard into that to where it becomes boring. So I want to give stories and bops. It’s a nice mixture of both. I think this project is a really fun canvas for me to play with my rap skills and talk about what’s going on in my life. But I’m not abandoning who I was and what I know about pop and singing and that aspect of music.”

The musician also revealed what she wants to do next in her game-changing career including a possible stint in acting.

So far, Doja Cat has shared two singles from the project: “Attention” and “Paint the Town Red.” Her next single release “Hang-ups” is rumored to be coming on September 1 as Doja shared a picture on Instagram with the date and a picture of his shadow wearing devil’s horns.

Doja Cat Wraps Up Recording for Upcoming Album ‘Scarlet’

It is rumored that actress Christina Ricci will also star in the music video for Pop Base’s single.

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