Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack
Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack

Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack:- Directed by Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, and Najja Porter, Craig Before the Creek is an American adventure animated film.

The film is written by Matt BurnettTiffany Ford, Ashleigh Crystal, and Hairston. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros.

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Release Date: January 13, 2024

Official Synopsis: Craig Williams is the shy new kid in town. Little does he know, he’ll soon set off on the biggest adventure he could ever dream of: treasure maps, pirate ships, and a villain who wants to destroy the Creek.

Who composed the Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack?

Jeff Rosenstock composed the music for Craig Before the Creek. He is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.

He is known for his previous bands, Bomb the Music Industry! and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, and he is a composer for Craig of the Creek.

His studio albums include We Cool? (2015), Worry (2016), Post- (2018), No Dream (2020), Ska Dream (2021), Hellmode (2023).

His live albums include Live and Acoustic at Vinyl Paradise and Thanks, Sorry!, as well as he released five extended plays (EPs), one mixtape, fifteen singles, and eleven music videos.

Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack List

All the songs are from Craig Before the Creek (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album by Jeff Rosenstock, Craig of the Creek, which was released on 15 January 2024.

Here is a complete list of Craig Before the Creek Soundtracks. You can listen to them on Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and other platforms.

  • Cold Open (Craig Before the Creek) (1:14)
  • Welcome to the Trading Tree (1:55)
  • PIRATES!!! (1:41)
  • Kelsey Enters the Chat (0:21)
  • The Wishmaker (2:18)
  • ACTIVATION!!! (1:18)
  • Headin’ Out (1:07)
  • Serena, Captain of the Pirate Kids (0:53)
  • Go Forth, Following Dreams (feat. Ginger Alford) (4:02)
  • Roger (0:26)
  • Never Turn Your Back on a Pirate (0:43)
  • Reneé and the Kids (1:47)
  • Torture Expert (0:16)
  • Serena’s Lament (1:47)
  • Join Us (feat. Vico Ortiz & Philip Solomon) (2:55)
  • BRING OUT THE PLANK!!! (1:02)
  • Brighter Days (2:44)
  • FIGHT-N-SKANK! (0:19)
  • Double Bounce Me (0:54)
  • Wishmaker Maptaker (1:41)
  • D I N N E R T I M E ! ! ! (0:48)
  • Go Forth, Betray Your Friends (0:56)
  • Craig Falls Again (0:14)
  • Wishmaker in the Woods (1:18)
  • Killer Headache (feat. Pierce Jordan) (0:57)
  • Ancient Playground (2:08)
  • Monkey Bars I (0:35)
  • Monkey Bars II (0:17)
  • Wishmaker in Heaven (1:56)
  • Cap’n JP (1:19)
  • Kelsey the Brave I – IV (0:57)
  • Rumble in the Wishmaker (2:59)
  • Wishing Yourself Back Home (2:25)
  • The Flood (feat. Brittany Luna) (1:28)
  • Big Hollywood Ending (0:43)
  • Dear Hannah (2:17)
  • Outroduction Skank! (0:19)
  • CRAIG OF THE CREEK THE END!!! (feat. Philip Solomon, Noël Wells & H. Michael Croner) (0:40)
  • Craig Before the Creek (Endscroll Dub) (feat. Linqua Franqa & Matt Embree) (1:36)
Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack | Craig Before the Creek (Endscroll Dub) - Jeff Rosenstock | WTM
Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack

Craig Before the Creek premiered on January 13, 2024,. You can enjoy the Craig Before the Creek Soundtracks on various platforms like Spotify and YouTube. (External Link: FilmMusicReporter)

The film stars (voices) Philip Solomon, Noel Wells, H. Michael Croner, Vico Ortiz, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Byron Marc Newsome, Lucia Cunningham, Jeff Trammell, Phil LaMarr, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, Ben Levin, and others.

Official Trailer:- You can watch the official trailer of Craig Before the Creek on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the series and its characters.

Craig Before the Creek: An Original Movie Trailer | Cartoon Network
Craig Before the Creek Soundtrack

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