Chris Rock And Diplo Escaped The Burning Man Disaster All Thanks To Fans.
Chris Rock And Diplo Escaped The Burning Man Disaster All Thanks To Fans.

Chris Rock and Diplo maintained to go via a lot to avoid the Burning Man disaster.

The 58-year-old comedian and the 44-year-old DJ passed out after walking for six miles in the mud and securing a ride with a fan who suggested a lift in the back of his pickup truck.

Chris Rock and Diplo hitch a ride with a fan to escape Burning Man festival
Chris Rock And Diplo Escaped The Burning Man Disaster All Thanks To Fans.

Diplo documented their adventure in a video shared on Instagram, which shows Rock and a group of people crammed concurrently in the back of a truck. In the video, Rock can be heard saying how badly he wants cold coffee.

Thousands of attendees are currently braving the muddy conditions of the annual festival, which recently called off the event three days in advance due to heavy rains. While many wait out the storm, Rock and Diplo escape after hitching a ride.

“A fan offered Chris Rock and I a ride out of Burning Man in the back of a pickup,” Diplo wrote in an Instagram video featuring Rock and a group of people packed together in the back of a truck. “After walking six miles through the mud… all Chris could think about was a f—ing cold brew.”

The footage of the hikers wandering in the Nevada desert actually shows Rock saying, “If I could just get a cold drink right now…”

Chris Rock And Diplo escaped The Burning Man disaster All Thanks To Fans.

Diplo shared the Instagram story on his main feed and wrote in the caption, “I legit walked the side of the road for hours with my thumb out cuz I have a show in D.C. tonight and don’t want to let y’all down. Also shout-out to this guy for making the smart purchase of a truck not knowing it was for this exact moment.”

In a subsequent video shared to his story, the DJ-producer revealed that he was back in his Washington, D.C. home at the time. Managed to reach the set.

Rock also shared a video on his Instagram Stories, showing thick mud spread across the festival grounds in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert after hours of heavy rain.

Representatives for Diplo and The Rock did not immediately respond to EW‘s request for comment.

Due to extreme weather, attendees have been warned to “shelter in place” rather than attempting to escape. After rain began on Friday evening, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office announced the next day that the entrance to the event was closed.

In a statement from Facebook, it advised those still hoping to go to the festival – which was due to continue until Monday.”Avoid traveling to the area; you will be turned around. All event access is closed.”

“Due to flooding, port-o-potties reportedly cannot be emptied and because the gates are locked, people cannot go inside to fill generators or deliver supplies,” Rock wrote on his Instagram Story.

With flood warnings in place until Monday, it is unclear when other people attending Burning Man will have a way to go or evacuate. One death that occurred at the festival is currently under investigation.

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