Brotherly Love Soundtrack (2015)
Brotherly Love Soundtrack (2015)

Brotherly Love Soundtrack: Brotherly Love is a 2015 American drama film that revolves around the lives of three siblings in Philadelphia who face different challenges and choices in their pursuit of their dreams. The film features a soundtrack that reflects the themes of love, family, and struggle that the characters experience.

Brotherly Love Soundtrack

The soundtrack consists of seven songs, some of which are performed by the actors themselves. The soundtrack is available for streaming on Spotify and other platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube, etc…

  • “No Love” by Keke Palmer

The first song on the soundtrack is “No Love” by Keke Palmer, who plays Jackie, the twin sister of Sergio, a star basketball player. The song is a catchy pop tune that expresses Jackie’s frustration with her love interest, Chris, who belongs to a rival gang. The song was released as a single and has a music video that shows behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the film.

Keke Palmer - No Love (Audio from Brotherly Love)
Brotherly Love Soundtrack
  • “Brotherly Love” by Jimmy Cozier

The second song is “Brotherly Love” by Jimmy Cozier, who also plays Tyriq, Sergio’s best friend and teammate. The song is a soulful ballad that pays tribute to the bond between brothers and friends. The song also serves as the theme song of the film and plays during the opening and closing credits.

Brotherly Love
Brotherly Love Soundtrack
  • “I’m Good” by Cory Hardrict

The third song is “I’m Good” by Cory Hardrict, who plays June, the older brother of Sergio and Jackie. The song is a rap track that showcases June’s skills as a street hustler and his determination to provide for his family. The song also features a verse by Faizon Love, who plays Uncle Ron, June’s mentor and partner in crime.

  • “All I Need” by Eric D. Hill Jr

The fourth song is “All I Need” by Eric D. Hill Jr., who plays Sergio. The song is a romantic R&B song that expresses Sergio’s feelings for his girlfriend, Nia, who supports him through his challenges. The song also features vocals by Macy Gray, who plays Mrs. Taylor, the mother of Sergio, Jackie, and June.

  • “Let It Go” by Quincy Brown

The fifth song is “Let It Go” by Quincy Brown, who plays Chris, Jackie’s love interest. The song is a hip-hop song that reflects Chris’s inner conflict between his loyalty to his gang and his love for Jackie. The song also features a verse by Romeo Miller, who plays Sean, Chris’s older brother and gang leader.

  • “Dreams” by Diggy Simmons

The sixth song is “Dreams” by Diggy Simmons, who plays Monty, a rival basketball player who challenges Sergio. The song is an inspirational rap song that motivates listeners to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. The song also features vocals by Jacob Latimore, who plays Albert, Monty’s friend and teammate.

  • “We Are One” by Brotherly Love Cast

The seventh and final song on the Brotherly Love Soundtrack is “We Are One” by Brotherly Love Cast. The song is an uplifting pop song that celebrates the unity and diversity of the cast and crew of the film. The song features vocals by all the main actors and actresses of the film, as well as some of the supporting cast and extras.

The Brotherly Love soundtrack is a diverse and enjoyable collection of songs that complement the film’s story and characters. (External Link: Apple Music)

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