Boudica Queen of War Soundtrack
Boudica Queen of War Soundtrack

Boudica means ‘Victorious Woman‘ in the Latin Language. The Genre of the movie is Drama and Action. Jesse V. Johnson is the director of the film. In an action film inspired by true events.

Boudica is a British biographical-historical television film about the queen of the Iceni tribe, Boudica. It stars Alex Kingston, Steven Waddington, and Emily Blunt in her film debut.

The Movie was released on 27 October 2023.

The Cast of Boudica: Queen of War Soundtrack

  • Andy Beckwith
  • Jeff Betts
  • Litiana Biutanaseva
  • Marcus John Cooper
  • Michael Davies
  • Peter Franzén
  • Paul Garner
  • Leo Gregory
  • Anja Kick
  • Harry Kirton
  • Kris Johnson(XII)
  • Doug Grant(IV)
  • Henry William Galpin
  • James Faulkner(I)
  • Sara Cozens
  • Steven Cockings
  • Lilibet Biutanaseva
  • Tom Bennett(X)

Boudica: Queen of War Soundtrack

Music by Sean Murray

Sean Murray,58, is an American Composer who has composed various video games, films, and television shows such as Call of Duty: World at War, True Crime: Streets of LA, and the record-selling game Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010).

Sean Murray: Boudica: Queen of War “Death of a Queen” Music by Sean Murray. The Original motion soundtrack by Murray.

You can listen to the song on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

BOUDICA: QUEEN OF WAR Official Trailer (2023) Olga Kurylenko
Boudica: Queen of War Soundtrack

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