Bardejo Soundtrack 2024
Bardejo Soundtrack 2024

Here’s Danny A., an upcoming series of horror films directed by Abyssinian and written by Samuel Lin. The film stars Danny A. Abekser, Julian Brass, Bardejo Soundtrack, and Emile A. There are fish.

This movie is based on real-life events and by the production company. The genre of the film is Drama, and the language of the movie is Live Action.

The official Synopsis of the film is The story of Holocaust survivor Emil A. Fish, who was nine years old when he and his family in Bardejov, Slovakia, were sent to a concentration camp. (IMDb)

Release date: March 19, 2024 (United States)

Genres: History, War

Who Composed Bardejo’s Soundtrack?

Lionel Cohen: Lionel Cohen composed a song for the Bardejo soundtrack. He won a prolific award. He composed many pieces, including films for Sony Pictures, Saban Films, Gravitas Ventures, Vertical Entertainment Lionsgate, etc.

Bardejo Soundtrack List

Here is the complete Bardejo Soundtrack List:

  • Making a Neder
  • Jew Dogs
  • They Made a Deal with the Germans
  • No Doing Business With Aryans
  • Prayers
  • We Know How to Roundup Jews
  • A Thing of the Past
  • Drunk Hlinka Guards
  • We Need to Believe the Almighty Can Save Us
  • An Order for 400 Girls
  • Bratislava is Well Aware
  • One Bag, 15kg
  • A Rebelion on the Street
  • Taking the Girls
  • Where Are the Trains Going
  • A Death Camp
  • Burnt to the Ground by its People
  • Mr Bear and Mr Rabbit
  • Force a Quarantine
  • I’m as Good as Dead
  • Typhus
  • Happy to be Imprisoned
  • Emil Fish
  • End Credits BARDEJOV
  • Window Crash (Alternative)
  • Cemetery Stroll
  • Main Theme – Piano (DEMO)
  • Main Theme – String Quartet (DEMO)

The complete soundtrack will be released after or slightly before the film’s release. We hope the full list will be released; we will try to gather information and update this article whenever possible.

You can check out the complete list on various platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify; on these websites, you can easily access the entire soundtrack to listen.

Official Trailer:

If you are curious about and interested in watching this film, check out the trailer below to glimpse the story.

BARDEJOV Official Trailer (2024) | WW2 movie • Robert Davi
Bardejo Soundtrack 2024

The film’s main stars are Danny A. Abeckaser, Julian Brass, Robert Davi, Omer Hazan, and Dean Miroshnikov.

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