Awareness Soundtrack
Awareness Soundtrack

Awareness Soundtrack: Awareness is a new Spanish-American science fiction action-themed film that is directed by Daniel Benmayor and written by Benmayor, Iván Ledesma, and a screenplay by Burke. It stars Carlos Scholz with María Pedraza, Pedro Alonso, Lela Loren and Oscar Jaenada.

Release of date of Awareness: Awareness was presented at the 26th Málaga Film Festival on 16 March 2023, featuring a slate of non-competitive ‘Málaga Premiere’ films. Amazon Prime Video to release the film on October 11, 2023.

About the Awareness Soundtrack

María Pedraza stars as Ester, a Spanish rebel with supernatural powers who protects a young man from the story. However, Pedro co-stars as Alonso Vicente, an alcoholic legislator who searches for his missing son.

The trailer of the main storyline is created as they discover the truth about the underworld storyline. The 112-minute film was composed by composer Roque Banos (Don’t Breathe 2); Music supervisor Lourdes Hernandez (Killer Book Club) specially selected the featured dipping joints. Here is every song of awareness.

Who is the Composer of Awareness Soundtrack?

The Awareness soundtrack includes music by Dion, Bob Marley, and Rosalía.

Rosalía: Rosalia Villa Tobela is also known as a Spanish driver, producer, and actress. Born and raised on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​she has been described as a “phenomenal pop star” due to her genre-bending musical style.

Original Soundtrack of Awareness List

  • “The Wanderer” by Dion: The song is written by Ernie Maresca and originally recorded by Dion, released on her 1961 album Runaround SU. The song, featuring a 12-bar blues-bass tune and an eight-bar bridge, tells the story of a traveling man and his many loves.
  • “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and the Wailers: This song is composed by Bob Marley and The Wailers. It is the fourth track on the second half of their 1977 album Exodus and was released as a single in 1980. However, the song is one of the most popular, composed by Marley, and has since been covered by many other artists.
  • “Bizcochito” by Rosalía: It was recorded by Spanish engineer and musician Rosalía. It is the seventh track on their third studio album, Motomami, which was released on March 18, 2022, through Columbia Records. The song was written and produced by Rosalía herself along with Michael Uzowuru, with David Rodriguez as a variety producer.
  • “Light ‘Em Up” by The Extreme Music Library: The song titled “Light ‘Em Up” is produced by Extreme Music Library. This is an initially released film in which the character Perceptor prepares for a war.

Where can I find the Awareness Soundtrack?

The original Awareness Soundtrack is available to play on Stream Roque Banos | Listen to Awareness (Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) playlist online for free on SoundCloud and if you also want to check for the additional songs of the soundtrack check them out on Spotify.

Official Trailer

Awareness | Official Trailer | Prime Video
Awareness Soundtrack

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