American Symphony Soundtrack 2023
American Symphony Soundtrack 2023

American Symphony Soundtrack 2023: American Symphony is a new upcoming biographical philosophical documentary film written, shot as well as directed by Matthew Heineman. It supports musician Jon Batiste’s Life of One Year.

This film is scheduled to release on 29 November 2023. However, the premiere will take place at the 50th Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2023.

Who Composed the American Symphony Soundtrack

Jon Batiste: As of 2021, he became the second composer (after Herbie Hancock) to win an Oscar for Animation Film for the animated feature “Soul” in 2020, which he then shared with fellow composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Dan Wilson: Wilson is famous for the ’90s rock band Semiconic as he was the lead vocalist at the time, marking the peak of his interest as a musician. He won multiple awards for Album of the Year in 2007 for the Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice” and in 2012 as one of the producers of Adele’s “21”.

American Symphony OST List

  • It Never Went Away

Recently it was updated on Verve Records and Interscope Records, these songs will be released on November 29.

According to the variety: Batiste said “It probes the questions of our mortality while at the same time speaking to the enduring quality of our deepest callings and desires. That part of us that stands in protest to the ills of the physical world is, in fact, evidence of our perpetual nature.”

“It Never Went Away’ is a lyric detailing a love that outlasts any condition of the physical world.”

Official Trailer

American Symphony Soundtrack 2023:The soundtrack will be available on Spotify after the film’s release, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score. You can also watch the official trailer of the film on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the story and characters. The film is streaming on Netflix from 29 November 2023.

American Symphony | Official Trailer | Netflix
American Symphony Soundtrack 2023

(Source of American Symphony Soundtrack: Variety)

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