Adam the First Soundtrack (2024)
Adam the First Soundtrack (2024)

Adam the First Soundtrack: Directed and written by Irving Franco, Adam the First is an upcoming drama film produced by Randomix Productions and Adam 1 Pictures.

Genre: Drama

Release Date: February 14, 2024

Official Synopsis:- Adam, a 14-year-old boy, travels across the country to meet a series of men who could be his father after finding a letter with a list of names and addresses.

The film’s producers are Michael Kallner, Bennett LeBarre, Nathan Marcus, Asaf Nawi, Ari Daniel Pinchot, Oren Rogovin, Jonathan Rubenstein, and Bernie Stern.

Adam the First Soundtrack
Adam the First Soundtrack Credit: IMDB

Who composed the Adam the First Soundtrack?

Irving Franco composed the music for Adam the First. He is a talented artist who has composed music for many films.

He is a writer, musician, and director known for Cheerleader (2016), Adam the First (2024), and La Vida Es Un Meme (2018).

Adam the First Soundtrack List

  • Diamond Skies by Anita Tatlow: This song is part of the track Lights, released in Anita Tatlow in 2023.
Adam the First Soundtrack (2024)

By watching the trailer, you can see how many good songs are in the song. We will add more songs to the list; stay tuned for other songs.

You can listen to them on various platforms, such as SpotifyApple Music, and YouTube, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

Official Trailer:-Adam the First is set to premiere on February 14, 2024. You can watch the official trailer of Adam the First on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the film and its characters.

ADAM THE FIRST Trailer (2024)
Adam the First Soundtrack

The film stars are David Duchovny, T.R. Knight, Oakes Fegley, Kevin Wayne, Billy Slaughter, Larry Pine, Darryl Cox, Holly Bonney, Eric Hanson, Adrian Lockett, and Tracy Pfau.

The executive producers include Angelia Adzic, Alyse Franco, Scott Martin, Ran Namerode, Will Rocklin, Jack Sheehan, and Michael Thomas Slifkin.

Adam the First Soundtrack
Adam the First Soundtrack Credit: MovieWeb

The movie is produced under the banner of Randomix Productions and Adam 1 Pictures. Daniel Brothers is responsible for the cinematography, while Irving Franco has composed the music.

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