A World Record Christmas Soundtrack
A World Record Christmas Soundtrack

Hallmark’s new series of mysteries shines a light on autism in its latest Miracle of Christmas movie this week. In the film World Record Christmas, a family comes together to support their child with autism as he focuses and breaks a Guinness World Record.

A World Record Christmas Soundtrack

It is based on the scientific and heartwarming tale, Charlie (Ice Dallman) is a boy with autism who is determined to set a Guinness World Record by assembling 1,400 Jenga blocks.

However, their mother Marissa (Nikki DeLoach), and stepfather Eric (Lucas Bryant) gave them licenses to pursue their dream and when they got the news that they got the chance on Christmas Eve, they all became superstars.

The main stars of the film are Nikki DeLoach, Lucas Bryant, Aias Dalman, Daphne Hoskins and Miranda Edwards

A World Record Christmas Soundtrack List

Make It to Christmas: This song was released by Alessia Cara on 8 November 2019. Some parts of the paragraph are taken in this TV series which are:

Darling, I know that our love is going cold
It’s just something ’bout the snow this time of year
That makes us lose our way, just say we’ll make up
And hold on a little longer
Don’t have me spending it alone
This time of year is precious
Break my heart on Boxing Day
Just, please, can we make it to Christmas?

You can listen to the entire song here.

Where To Watch A World Record Christmas

Hallmark has released a new Christmas emotional and heartfelt story series called A World Record Christmas, and it’s a great series that we recommend everyone gets a chance to watch. If you have already added this to your watchlist and are hoping to watch it soon, we have to give you complete information about everything you need to know about it.

The additional songs will be available to play on Spotify and the original soundtrack is available on Apple Music.


Preview - A World Record Christmas - Starring Nikki DeLoach, Lucas Bryant and Aias Dalman
A World Record Christmas Soundtrack

(A World Record Christmas Soundtrack: Parade, MLIVE)

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