A Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack
A Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack

A Heidelberg Holiday is a 2023 movie directed by Maclain Nelson. The movie is going to be released on  November 12, 2023.

Genre: Romance, Drama, and Family

Movie Info: Heidi Heidelberg receives a dream opportunity to sell her beautiful, handmade glass ornaments at the prestigious Heidelberg Christmas Market in Germany. While there, she meets Lukas, a local artisan who helps her reconnect with her lost heritage.

Who Composed A Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack?

  • Lexy Brewer: The journey from recording studio to television and film production. Collaborating with many of her scientific music colleagues, she is able to improvise the music as per the requirement of any project.
  • David Kudell: Some other artists, including David Cudell and Kelly Wang, composed additional music for the Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack.


  • Ginna Claire Mason
  • Sara Sofia(III)
  • Zoe Moore
  • Sydney LaFaire
  • Alexander Schubert
  • Anne Alexander-Sieder
  • Riccardo Passariello
  • Nela Bartsch
  • Robert Nickisch
  • Rebecca Immanuel
  • Nick Wilder(I)
  • Frédéric Brossier
Sneak Peek - A Heidelberg Holiday - Starring Ginna Claire Mason and Frédéric Brossier
A Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack

A Heidelberg Holiday Soundtrack

Coming Soon…

The Soundtrack will be updated soon after the release. The track will be available on Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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