A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack
A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack

A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack: A Haunting in Venice is a 2023 British-American mystery crime drama film based on the mystical detective story Halloween Party by British author Agatha Christie about detective Hercule Poirot.

The film is written by Michael Green, directed by Kenneth Branagh, produced by 20th Century Studios, Scott Free Productions, and Pinewood Studios, distributed by 20th Century Studios, starring Kenneth Branagh, Tina Fey, Jamie Dornan, Michelle Yeoh, Kyle Allen, there are artists like Camille. Cottin, Jude Hill, Ali Khan, Ricardo Scamarico, Emma Laird, Michelle Yeoh and Kelly Reilly.

A Haunting In Venice | Official Trailer | In Theaters Sept 15
A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack

A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack

A Haunting in Venice will premiere on September 15, 2023.

A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack (OST)

  • Haunt (3:45)
  • Gondolas (2:47)
  • Alcoven (2:52)
  • No Music Without Her (2:46)
  • Seance (1:48)
  • Psychic Pain (2:53)
  • St. Louis (3:09)
  • Pipes (2:13)
  • Confession (8:14)
  • Money in the Mattress (4:19)

A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack (additional film music)

  • When the Lights Go On Again: This popular song was composed during World War II. It was written by Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus, and Eddie Seiler. The first recording, by Vaughn Monroe, reached number one on the charts in 1943. The song expresses the hopes for an end to the war and the return of the soldiers. It was also sung by Vera Lynn, known as the “Forces’ Sweetheart.” A musical with the same name also tells the story of a family living in England during the war.
  • In the Mood: There are different songs from In the Mood title. The most famous is a jazz standard recorded by Glenn Miller in 1939. It is based on an earlier composition by Viti Manon called “Tar Paper Stomp.” Another song with the same title is by Canadian rock band Rush on their 1974 debut album. A song by Ice Spice, “In Ha Mood,” has also become popular on social media.
  • Giro Giro Tondo: Giro Giro Tondo is an Italian folk song and a play song for children. It is similar to “Ring a Ring of Roses” in English. The children spin around in a circle and sing the lyrics, which are about a king who falls down the stairs. The melody of this song is also used in a symphony by Ottorino Respighi called “Pini di Roma.”
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis: Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis is a popular song from 1904 that celebrated the St. Louis World’s Fair, which marked the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase. The lyrics were written by Andrew B. Sterling and the music by Kerry Mills. The song was later featured in the 1944 musical film Meet Me in St. Louis, starring Judy Garland, who sang a revised version of the song.
  • When the Saints Go Marching: When the Saints Go Marching In is a traditional black spiritual that originated as a Christian hymn. It expresses the hope of joining the heavenly procession when Christ returns. It is often played by jazz bands, especially in New Orleans, where it is associated with funerals and Mardi Gras parades. One of the most famous jazz recordings of the song was made by Louis Armstrong in 1938.
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic: Battle Hymn of the Republic is a popular American patriotic song written by Julia Ward Howe in 1861 during the Civil War. It was inspired by the soldiers’ song John Brown’s Body and expresses the belief that God is on the side of the Union. The song has been used on many occasions, such as funerals, protests, and presidential inaugurations. The most famous line of the song is “Glory, glory, hallelujah”.
  • The Trolley Song: The Trolley Song is a song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane and made famous by Judy Garland in the 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis. The song is about a girl who falls in love with a boy she meets on a trolley ride. The song has a catchy chorus that goes, “Clang, clang, clang went the trolley / Ding, ding, ding went the bell, Zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings, From the moment I saw him I fell.”
A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack

The additional songs will be available to play on Spotify, and the original soundtrack is available on Amazon Music and Apple Music. Here is the list of songs in the A Haunting in Venice Soundtrack, along with the singers.

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