The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024
The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024

The Beekeeper Soundtrack: David Sardi has teamed up with Jared Michael Fry to score the upcoming action film The Beekeeper.

The Beekeeper is directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer; the film stars Carson Bloomquist, Naomi Grace, Devin Druid, and William Russ.

The film is produced by Miramax and Cedar Park Studios and distributed by MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), and Mark Birmingham serves as executive producer.

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release date: January 12, 2024 (United States)

Official Trailer: In The Beekeeper, one man’s brutal campaign for vengeance takes on national stakes after he is revealed to be a former operative of a powerful and clandestine organization known as “Beekeepers.”

The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024
The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024 Credit: YouTube

Who Composed The Beekeeper Soundtrack?

Jared Michael Fry and David Sardy composed the soundtrack for The Beekeeper:-

  • Jared Michael Fry:- Emmy-nominated composer Jared Fry has loaned his musical expertise to many film and television productions, ranging from blockbuster action films to nature documentary TV series.

Jared Michael Frye is also known as Mortal Kombat (2021), The Invisible Man (2020) and Robin Hood (2018). Jared Michael’s wedding took place on Friday, November 7, 2008.

  • David Sardy:- is an American composer, musician, songwriter, and multiple Grammy-winning record producer. His production work, often with alternative rock, hard rock, related genres, and then to scoring feature film

David Stuart Sardi, also known as D. Sardi, is an American musician, composer, musician, and multiple Grammy-winning record producer.

The Beekeeper Soundtrack List

  • Breath – RiLLA*
  • Nocturne in E Minor, Op.72, No. 1
  • Basscoin – RiLLA*
  • Make It Rain – Jairé

Here are the details of each song:

  • Breath is a song performed by RiLLA and Written by James Damon Woodford.
  • Nocturne in E Minor, Op.72, No. 1 is a song performed by Written by Frédéric Chopin.
  • Basscoin is a song performed by RiLLA and Written by James Damon Woodford. – Frédéric Chopin: The song was composed by the artist Frédéric Chopin for solo piano in 1826.
  • Make It Rain is a song performed by Jairé and Written & Produced by James Thacker.

It will be available on various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score.

The complete soundtrack will be updated soon for you. Till then, listen to your favorite track on Apple Music. (External Link:- IMDB)

Trailer song

Head Like A Hole is a song by Nine Inch Nails. The song is part of the album Pretty Hate Machine, which was released on 20 October 1989.

THE  BEEKEEPER - Head Like A Hole | Full Trailer Song | NIN |
The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024

Trailer: The Film is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2024. You can also watch the Film trailer on YouTube, where you can glimpse the stories and cast.

The Beekeeper | Official Trailer | Starring Jason Statham
The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024

This is a suitable film for those who love to watch thriller films. By watching the trailer, it can be predicted that this film will be full of thrillers.

By watching the trailer of the film, one can guess how interesting and unique the story will be and how uniquely the characters are portrayed.

The film stars include Jason Statham, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bobby Naderi, Josh Hutcherson, Jeremy Irons, and David Witts.

Along with David Witts, other stars include Michael Epp, Taylor James, Phylicia Rashad, Jemma Redgrave, Minnie Driver, Don Gilet, Sophia Feliciano, Enzo Cilenti, and Megan Lea.

Music Department of The Beekeeper:- The music department comprises dozens of brilliant artists such as Kostas Christides, Mason Cooper, Alex Heller, Bryan Lawson, and others.

The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024 (2)
The Beekeeper Soundtrack 2024 (2) Credit: IMDB

Sound Department of The Beekeeper:- The music department consists of many great artists, such as Nicholas A. Ager, Christopher S. Aud, Frank Barlow, Alex Collin, Jill Defiel, and others.

The main photography began in September 2022 in the United Kingdom. In October, Statham shot scenes at Tyringham Hall in Tyringham. Filming was completed that December.

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