Dungeons 4 Soundtrack
Dungeons 4 Soundtrack

Dungeons 4 is a dungeon management simulator game developed by Realmforge Studios. Players will assemble a cozy and comfortable Dungeon to suit their creatures’ needs and rule over them.

Genres:  Strategy Video GameStrategy game, and Adventure game

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, & Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Dungeons 4 Soundtrack (OST)

  • Get The Dungeon Started!
  • Father And Step-Son
  • Like A Rolling Hamster Wheel Of Death
  • Smells Like Snot Spirit
  • Sweet Gobbler O’Mine
  • Seven Creature Army
  • Meteor Rain
  • I Can’t Get No Evilification
  • The Snots Are Back In Town
  • Sympathy For The Evil
  • What’s Mana Got To Do With It
  • Mr. Tambourine Bard
  • Lifestyle Of The Good And The Devout
  • Walk On The Good Side
  • Boulevard Of Broken Spines
  • I Will Always Love Gold
  • Stairway To Dungeon
  • Dwarf Of Spades
  • Ring Of Lava
  • Paint The Dungeon Red
  • Absolute Evil Rhapsody
  • No Thalya No Cry
  • Why Don’t You Get A Weapon
  • Undead Want To Live Forever
  • Get The Dungeon Started! (Snot Version)

Here is the soundtrack of the Video game, listen to the track on several platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify & many more.

Dungeons 4 | Release Trailer (US)
Dungeons 4 Soundtrack

External Link: Dungeons 4 Soundtrack.

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