Andre 3000 Seeks Approval from Beyoncé and Jay-Z for Song Title in New Album 'New Blue Sun'
Andre 3000 Seeks Approval from Beyoncé and Jay-Z for Song Title in New Album 'New Blue Sun'

Andre 3000 granted permission from Beyoncé and Jay-Z for song title in his new song ‘New Blue Sun‘. The 48-year-old singer, also an actor first introduced himself to the audience at the age of 17, with his album.

Now he is going to release his new song, and he revealed that he granted permission to use Beyonce and Jay Z’s names in the song.

He told NPR,” So No. 5 is called ‘Ninety-Three ‘Til Infinity And Beyoncé.’ That was more when I was a youngster – Souls of Mischief was one of my favorite groups and ’93 ’til Infinity,’ everybody remembers that song.”

The Canadian rapper continues, “So it was kind of like a fun nod and you know, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, he always says, ‘To infinity and beyond!’ You know? So, it was kind of like, ‘Ninety Three ‘Til Infinity And Beyoncé. So it was kind of just this fun thing.”

He further said, “I was being silly. And thank you, Beyoncé, for letting me use the name! I actually had to clear it. I had to call. And thanks, Jay! I texted him, I was like, ‘Hey man, can you ask Beyoncé? I know I got this clearance thing coming through for this song.”

“And I explained to him how I used it. And I’m just happy they let me use it so thank y’all. I really appreciate that.”

Andre 3000 Stop Making Raps

Andre 3000 also spoke about why he had stopped making raps for the fans. He said, “I don’t want to troll people. I don’t want people to think, Oh, this André 3000 album is coming! And you play it and like, Oh man, no verses.”

” So even actually on the packaging, you’ll see it says, ‘Warning: no bars.’ It’s letting you know what it is off the top. But also, I love rap music because it was a part of my youth. So I would love to be out here with everybody rapping because it’s almost like fun and being on the playground.”

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