57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)
57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023): 57 Seconds is an upcoming American science fiction thriller film directed by Rusty Cundiff, written by Cundiff and Macon Blair, and starring Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman. This is E.C. The story of Tub is based on “Lucifer”. Freeman was also reported to be “writing parts of the script.”

The film revolves around a tech blogger who interviews a tech guru and finds a mysterious ring that takes him 57 seconds into the past. The duration of the movie is 2 hours 5 minutes

It is a sci-fi thriller directed by Rusty Cundiff and stars Morgan Freeman, Josh Hutcherson, Greg Germann, and Lovie Simone.

Composer of 57 Seconds

Nathan Furst is the composer of 57 Seconds Soundtrack: Nathan Furst is an American television and film composer. He was born on 4 July 1978. Furst is known for his work in various films, including Need for Speed, Act of Valor, and The Flock.

He also composed the music for the Bionicle Trilogy. Nathan Furst’s favorite musical style is a combination of grand orchestration and electronica.

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57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023)

The soundtrack for this movie, titled 57 Seconds soundtrack is not yet available. The film is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2023, so the soundtrack is likely to be released around that time.

Additional Songs of 57 Seconds Soundtrack

  • Maybe by Cherone: The song is composed by Sean O’Keeffe, Simon Colebrook, and Rob Playford. This song is produced by Charted Group in the UK.

57 Seconds Soundtrack (2023) also includes:

  • 2 Bad Mice by 2 Bad Mice: This song is in the album Goldie – Drum & Bass Life. It was released on 11 October 2019. Its genre includes Dance/Electronic.
  • Creepin by Cade Ellis: This song was in the album Creepin composed by Cade Ellis. It was released in 2022.
  • Hit the Cup (Radio Edit) by Aykay: The song Hit the Cup was composed by the Artist Aykay.
  • Extract by Green Tolek: The song Extract was composed by the Artist Green Totek. It was released in 2022.
  • 2nd Reality OST by Purple Motion: This song was in the album Musicdisk composed by Jonne Valtonen. It was released in 2004.
  • All This Time by David Luning: All This Time song was composed by David Luning. This song is in 57 Seconds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album. It was released in 2023.
  • Change Has Gotta Come by Elijah Honey: The song Change Has Gotta Come is composed by Elijah Honey.
  • Can’t Hold Me Down by Torrance Klein, Ray Williams, Weston Wilson: Song Can’t Hold Me Down was composed and written by Torrance Klein, Ray Williams, and Weston Wilson. Power is Money song is also composed by Torrance Klein, Ray Williams, & Weston Wilson.
  • Say You Do by Randy Louise: This song is in the album Still and was composed by Randy Louise. Her genre includes Folk.
  • Maybe – Cherone: This song was in the album Maybe composed by the Artist Cherone. It was released in 2019.
  • Ooo by Off Task: “Ooo”, a track from the 2015 Undertale Soundtrack album.
  • Going Down by Jesika Von Rabbit: The song Going Down is composed by Jesika Von Rabbit. This Song is in the album Dessert Rock and it was released in 2018.

Release date of 57 Seconds Movie

The film 57 Seconds was released in parts of the United States on September 29, 2023.

57 Seconds Soundtrack: The soundtrack is available on Spotify, where you can listen to the entire album of songs and the score. You can also watch the official trailer of the film on YouTube, where you can get a glimpse of the story and characters.

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57 SECONDS | Official Trailer (2023) - Josh Hutcherson, Morgan Freeman, Bevin Bru, Lovie Simone

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